Save money and energy for you business with commercial rebates on high-efficiency boilers and boiler systems with CenterPoint Energy. Learn more about which boilers and boiler system components qualify for energy-saving rebates below.

Qualifying Equipment

Equipment  Efficiency rating** Rebate amount 
Hot water boilers
 85% - 87.9%$1,800/MMBtuh input
Hot water boilers
≥ 88%$3,500/MMBtuh input
Steam boilers 
(high- and low-pressure)
 ≥ 83% thermal efficiency$500/MMBtuh input
 Boiler turbulators35% of equipment & installation costs; $750/boiler cap
Modulating burner
$450 per MMBtu input;
cap of 25% of equipment costs
Stack dampers$250 per MMBtu boiler input;
not to exceed 35% of equipment & installation costs
Boiler reset controls$150/control system;
not to exceed equipment cost
Boiler cut-out controls $150/control system;
not to exceed equipment cost 
Linkageless controls$300/MMBtu input
​Pipe insulation-retrofit only
(hydronic heat, low- and high-
pressure steam heat)
$2.50/lineal foot (LF)

**Boiler efficiency rating to represent the installed operating efficiency of the boiler for the application (i.e. based on designed return water temperature, average input level, steam pressure, etc.). 

How to Receive Your Rebate

  1. Install qualifying new equipment at a location heated with natural gas from CenterPoint Energy in Minnesota for a commercial account.*

  2. All applications for boiler system, boiler system component and pipe insulation rebates must be received by Dec. 31 of the calendar year in which the equipment is installed. Program is valid Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Include copies of the dated invoice and proof of installation. To avoid delays, please submit your paperwork as soon as equipment installation is complete.
    Boiler System Rebate (PDF)

    Boiler System Component Rebate (PDF)

    Pipe Insulation Rebate (PDF)
  3. Submit your completed paperwork and required documentation via email or mail to:

    Commercial Rebate Processing
    CenterPoint Energy
    PO Box 59038
    Minneapolis, MN 55459-0038

  4. Allow eight weeks for rebate processing.


*Rebate amounts vary by equipment. Rebate funds are limited and subject to change without prior notice. Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Caps are for one calendar year. Some utility rebates are taxable under Internal Revenue Service rules. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes.

CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to limit any rebate and conduct on-site inspection of installed equipment. All decisions by CenterPoint Energy regarding energy savings, cost savings, rebate amounts and approvals are final. CenterPoint Energy cannot guarantee energy savings and does not warranty rebated equipment.