​​​​​​Trees and power lines

Power line safety near trees:

  • ​Watch for power lines when cutting or clearing downed trees; they may be entangled. 
  • Never climb trees located near power lines, even if they aren’t touching.
  • Stay 10 feet away from power lines, including objects you’re holding.  

Warn kids about power lines:

  • ​Don’t climb trees near power lines
  • Don’t play with toys, balls, kites or drones near overheard lines
  • If you see downed power lines, stay away!

Tree trimming and plant removal

We keep vegetation clear of overhead power lines and electrical equipment because your power and safety depend on it! Learn how and why we trim trees.

Plant the right trees in the right place

Ensure your tree or vegetation won’t grow too close to power lines and become a hazard. Use our tree planting guide to choose the proper species and planting site – and always call 811 before digging!

Look up and live

Stay 10 feet from power lines, including objects you’re holding or touching (e.g. tree pruners, pool-skimming poles, kites). Remember, Look up and live!

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