How Average Monthly Billing is Calculated​​

  1. Your Average Monthly Billing payment amount is the expected cost of your natural gas for one year, divided by 12 months.
  2. Your expected cost is determined by reviewing weather, projected natural gas prices and your natural gas consumption.
  3. It does not include other charges, such as those for the Home Service Plus® Repair Plan.
  4. Keep in mind that even if you have a credit balance, your Average Monthly Billing amount may increase. Rest assured you will still only pay for the amount of natural gas you use.​

Halfway through the program year, we will review your Average Monthly Billing payment amount.

  • We may change the amount based on weather and the cost of natural gas from our suppliers and your deferred balance.
  • If your amount will be changing, you will receive a notice the month before the change takes effect.

Before the next Average Monthly Billing enrollment year begins, we will review your plan amount again, comparing the cost of the natural gas you used with the ​Average Monthly Billing payments you have made.

  • If your balance is greater or less than the cost of the natural gas you actually used, we will divide the difference by 12 and add it to your payment amount for the next 12 months.
  • If you carried a credit balance over most of the program year, we will pay you interest.

Things to K​now​

If you close your account or if service is turned off for non-payment or if your account becomes two months past due, your enrollment will be discontinued.


If you de-enroll or if you are removed from the program, we will review your account and send you a bill with the difference between what you have paid on the plan and the amount of natural gas used.

  • If you have paid more for natural gas than you have used, we will issue you a credit.
  • If you have an outstanding deferred balance, a deferred payment agreement may be available to qualifying customers.

If you would like to discontinue Average Monthly Billing, please contact CenterPoint Energy.

Your Average Monthly Billing Amount is only for your natural gas cost. It does not include charges for additional services you may have contracted for with Home Service Plus. You are responsible for submitting a single payment that includes both CenterPoint Energy natural gas charges and and any additional Home Service Plus charges.


By accounting for seasonal changes, Average Monthly Billing helps keep your budget predictable. Balancing natural gas charges over the entire year benefits your business with consistent natural gas bills.

Chart Displaing Average Monthly Billing ​​​​

 In the graph, the solid orange line shows how the pro​gram evens out payment peaks. The Average Monthly Billing amount is recalculated every six months​​​

Enjoy the predictability of knowing your bill amount for six months at a time.​​​