Restoration Services

Timely, Effective Property Restoration​

CenterPoint Energy provides property restoration for gas main repairs, service repairs, and for conversion projects (main and multiple service lines). Please note that we do not perform restoration on new construction job sites.

Our contractor restores streets, roads, right-of-way or other property to its original condition.  We use only quality seed, sod, blacktop and concrete, so you're assured of finishing work that looks good and will last. See Installation Guidelines for site readiness requirements.

With our restoration services, you can expect:​​

  • Quick response
  • Quality restoration work and materials
  • Attention to safety
  • Timely work completion
  • Follow-up to ensure satisfaction

We work closely with customers and city representatives, including city inspectors and permit officials, to minimize any construction disruption and ensure a smooth, hassle free process. ​​

General restoration guidelines​​

  • For projects that are completed in late fall, restoration will ​be completed the following spring, beginning in May.  In some cases, temporary erosion control may be needed until the restoration can be completed.
  • Conversion customers that request installation between November 1 and March 31 will be responsible for their own restoration.
  • Restoration work begins only after all project construction work is completed by CenterPoint Energy, the city, or others involved.
  • ​Completion of restoration work is subject to weather conditions and the time of year

CenterPoint Energy requires all privately owned underground facilities located on your property be marked prior to installation to avoid unnecessary damage.  This includes septic tanks, drain fields, sewer lines, sprinkler systems, invisible fences, electric lines, pipelines, and water wells.  Marking private utilities not only includes marking the ends of sprinkler heads, but the actual line as well.  CenterPoint Energy and its representatives are not responsible for damage to these items if they are not clearly marked at time of installation.