​Natural Gas Installation

Site-Readiness Guidelines

Please make sure each of these requirements is completed at your site to ensure the timely and convenient installation of a natural gas main:

  • All large utilities must be installed (water and sewer, including storm drains, curbs and gutters.)
  • If curbs are required by the city, they must be installed with the first layer of blacktop. If curbs are not required, the area must have Class 5 grade and the first lift of the blacktop must be installed.
  • Backfill the foundation
  • Bring installation site to within six inches of final grade so the natural gas line can be installed at the proper depth.
  • Mark finished grade in the area where your meter is to be installed so the meter can be installed at the proper height.
  • Create an eight-foot-wide pathway, free of obstructions, from street to meter.
  • Before a natural gas service line can be installed, you must clearly mark all privately owned underground facilities including: septic tanks, drain fields, sump pump extensions, sewer lines, sprinkler systems, invisible fences, electric lines, pipelines and water wells. CenterPoint Energy and our representatives are not responsible for damage to these items if they are not clearly marked at the time of installation.
  • Complete framing of all exterior walls to protect the meter and allow it to be installed to code (three feet from windows and doors.) If there is a request to move the meter after the initial installation, or the customer does not adhere to the minimum clearance requirements, the customer will be responsible for all costs to relocate the meter. ​