​Multi-family & Apartments

Add the Natural Gas Advantage to your plans

CenterPoint Energy's Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program affords many benefits to properties that feature natural gas appliances and amenities.

Whether you are seeking to differentiate your property in the crowded multi-family market or to gain financial benefits, the Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program can help your development reach its full potential.

Our staff of experienced multi-family marketing representatives will be happy to assist you in all phases of the natural gas design and installation process, including the selection of the most complementary natural gas appliances for your development. Update your plans to include the essential gas water heater, one of the various space heating appliances or even the upgraded feature of a natural gas cook top - there are so many options, you may find it difficult to select just a few! Your residents will be pleased with the superior performance, energy savings and environmental benefits. Plus, natural gas appliances offer flexibility in design and application, allowing you to optimize valuable square footage in each residence.

And many of the most stunning natural gas features can be found outdoors. Create a memorable, inviting space in your common areas with features such as gas lights, fire pits, fireplaces or even outdoor kitchens.

With the Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program, you can be confident in your investment. Join the many other developers who have benefited from natural gas. We invite you to let us customize a package for your specific needs.