​​Garage & Space Heaters​​

Heat just where you need it and save​​​

Heat the room you're in, turn down your thermostat and save. Space heaters are an economical way to warm a single room in your home, your garage or workshop, or even your greenhouse. For a space heating option that is also beautiful, learn about natural gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

Garage heaters, or small-unit space heaters​ 

These space heaters have quickly become one of the most popular new home conveniences. Here are some benefits:

  • ​Perfect for garages, workshops, and greenhouses
  • Cost just pennies per hour to operate
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Lightweight, easy to install — most require no venting
  • Wide range of sizes and models
  • Helps avoid electrical wiring overload

Wall furnaces & room heaters​​

Warm a single room of your home without having to turn up the thermostat.

  • ​Affordable warmth for 1/2 the operating cost of electric heaters
  • Models up to 100% efficient
  • Direct-vent for easy installation
  • Clean, efficient and quiet
  • Safe operation with automatic shut-off features
  • Easy installation; space-saving designs

Baseboard heaters​​

Choose a baseboard heater for a stylish blend of space and energy efficiency. Here are the benefits:

  • ​Attractive, compact design fits along outside walls and under windows
  • Low-cost, economical operation —up to 80% efficient
  • Direct-vent for easy installation
  • Safe, reliable operation
  • Easy to maintain