​Winter Reliability

CenterPoint Energy is committed to maintaining reliable service even on the coldest days. 

Natural gas is essential to meeting Minnesota's heating needs.

During the 2019 polar vortex, we delivered more power to our customers than the state's total electric generating capacity.

Our customers trust us to help keep them safe and warm. We take this responsibility seriously.

Each year, we prepare a comprehensive gas procurement plan – submitted to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission – to ensure that we have adequate capacity and supplies, especially at times of peak demand.

To meet customer needs throughout the year, we use a diversified gas supply portfolio, including:

  • Baseload supplies
  • Call options (reserved options to buy)
  • Daily spot market purchases
  • Storage
  • Peaking supplies

Together, these resources are designed to provide flexibility, ensure reliable service and help protect against market price volatility.

To learn more, see our Minnesota 2022 Gas Procurement Plan