Incentives are based on the verified average load shed from all events and are awarded at the end of the program year. Participants may earn up to $30.00 per kW of verified curtailed load each year of participation.


The Load Management Program is a good-faith agreement between the Project Sponsor (a qualifying customer or its sponsoring energy services company) and CenterPoint Energy to curtail electric loads on notice.

This program is available to non-residential customers within the CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric service territory. Participants must abide by the following program rules:

  • Shed a minimum of 100 kW when called after a 30-min notification, during program events (i.e., two test events and up to four unscheduled events triggered by ERCOT level 2 events or CNP system emergencies)
  • Availability period for curtailments is limited to June 1 through September 30, 1-7 p.m. on weekdays, excluding federal holidays
  • Participants are required to be capable of curtailing at least 100 kW
  • Equipped with an Interval Data Recorder or Smart Meter
  • Requires one-year commitment
  • There are no penalties for opting out early

Terms and conditions apply.

Customer commitment

Participating customers agree to a one-year commitment, but there are no penalties if customers opt out of the program at an earlier time. By their participation, the commercial/institutional customer commits to 2 scheduled curtailments of 1 to 3 hours duration during each year of participation, plus a maximum of 4 unscheduled curtailments of up to four hours each during each year of participation.

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