​Program Dates: Jan. 1 – Dec. 31

For residential rebates only. For commercial rebates, please use fill-and-print forms.

hearth rebate form orange

Getting Started:

  1. ​You will need an electronic version of the dated itemized invoice.
  2. Review Terms and Conditions​.
  3. Review the program information.
  4. One application must be completed for each qualifying equipment.
  5. Application must be submitted by December 31st in the calendar year that the equipment was installed.

IMPORTANT: Trade Ally online rebate submission information

  • Session will time out, so it's important to have all your data and documents ready to enter and attach
  • Application form does not save the data
  • PREVIEW the completed application, then SUBMIT
  • You will receive a COMFIRMATION NUMBER when you have successfully submitted this form.
  • Save the confirmation number for your records and reference for future inquiries

* Required fields are noted with an asterisk​​​​

NEW Processing Requirement: Be prepared to answer the following question for the installation of the new water heater:

  • Provide what type of water heater was removed from the home before the new water heater was installed: 
    • Tank
    • Tankless
    • Unknown/other