​​​​​Tree Trimming & Removal 

Trees and plants cause about 20 percent of unplanned power outages in Houston (when the source of the outage is certain). To help prevent electric outages and safety hazards, CenterPoint Energy trims about 1 million trees in Houston each year – including many that are cut down.

We also teach customers to plan​t the right tree in the right place, so plants can grow to full maturity without threatening Houston’s electric grid.​


Why We Trim

There are two main reasons we trim trees near power lines:

  1. Safety – to prevent fires and protect our customers and employees
  2. Reliability – to reduce the number of power outages.
  3. We also trim plants near electrical equipment – like pad-mount transformers, guy wires and electrical boxes – if they impact our ability to safely deliver reliable power.

How We Trim

Days before trimming, a licensed tree contractor will deliver a tree-trimming brochure (PDF) to each customer via a door hanger. This allows customers to understand our job, goals, methods and other important info. It also provides an opportunity for customers to set an appointment to discuss concerns prior to trimming.

When trimming, our arborists follow industry-recommended best management practices and national industry standards to:

  • Promote continued tree growth (away from the lines)
  • Minimize the need for future trimming
  • Cause the least stress to the tree
  • Reduce the likelihood of disease, decay and excessive re-sprouting

Appearance of Trimmed Trees

We understand you may be surprised by the appearance of your tree after we trim it. We’re sorry for any disappointment it causes you or your family, but our trimming decisions are made in the best interest of you, your neighbors – and even your tree.

In accordance with the aforementioned industry standards, we use v-trimming and side-trimming:

As your electric utility, we must clear tree limbs within our right-of-way so preventable power outages and fires do not occur. While meeting those duties, we trim in the healthiest way possible for your tree.

Palm Trees

Palm trees can be harmful to the electric grid when planted in the wrong places. Learn more about palm trees & power lines.

For More Information

If you have questions or believe your tree is within 10 feet of power lines, call CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 or 1-800-332-7143 to arrange to speak with a forester.

Or, your question might be answered here: