Understand​​ how to stay safe around energy sources


Na​tural Gas Safety

Learn how to safely use natural gas appliances and recognize a gas leak.

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Electric Safety

Play it safe around electric appli>img ances, power lines and other equipment.

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Call Before You Dig

Always call 811 before any digging project large or small.

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​Land management near pipelines and power lines


Right-of-way is a strip of land where some of the property owner's legal rights have been granted to a utility company. The right-of-way enables a utility company to operate, inspect, repair, maintain or replace a pipeline on property owned by others.


Anything that is placed into a right-of-way contrary to the terms of the easement is called an encroachment.

Read more about encroachment (PDF).

View applications for easement and encroachment

Vegetation trimming

CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to trim, cut and/or remove any landscaping on the CenterPoint Energy right-of-way as necessary for the operation, inspection and maintenance of its pipeline facilities.​​​​​

Beware of the dangers of carbon monoxide​

When gas is burned incompletely, carbon monoxide (CO) may form. CO can cause serious illness or even death. Learn how to prevent it and recognize its presence.

Install carbon monixide detectors 

  • Make sure carbon monoxide detectors are installed in your living and sleeping areass and test them per instructions. They can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Flu-like symptoms, severe nausea/vomiting, shortness of breath, convulsions, unconsciousness, sleepiness, irritability, lack of concentration, rapid heartbeat and/or tightening of the chest which tend to go away when you leave the house are signs you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning in your home... 

  • ​Leave the area and call 911 or your fire department immediately. Don't return until emergency personnel tell you it's safe.

Color codes for digging safely

The flags and paint markings used by our technicians when marking underground lines indicate the type of utility/facility that lies below. Here's a guide to help you interpret what each flag color means:

  •   Red - Electric

  •   Yellow - Gas, oil, or steam

  •   Blue - water

  •  Orange - Telephone - CATV
  •   Green - Sewer

  •   Purple - Reclaimed water

  •   Pink - Temporary survey markings

  •   White - Proposed construction​​​​​