​​​​Yale Street Bridge Improvement Project​

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is undertaking a roadway project to demolish and rebuild the Yale Street bridge, which crosses White Oak Bayou near Interstate-10. TxDOT’s planned expansion of the bridge impacts CenterPoint Energy’s existing underground electric lines, which are located under the bridge and deliver power in that area.

As a result, CenterPoint Energy will be required to do two things:

Temporarily re-route existing underground lines that currently cross the Yale Street bridge.

This will require CenterPoint Energy to install temporary overhead power lines on Heights Boulevard south from the I-10 frontage road to Koehler Street and westward on Koehler to Yale, which will require six poles on Heights, seven poles on Koehler and two poles on Yale, and additional overhead power lines on the existing poles on Yale Street from 5th Street to Koehler Street.

Fortunately, it does not appear that any residences will be directly affected by the placement of these temporary poles. Additionally, CenterPoint Energy is installing poles that are taller than standard height which will clear and avoid impacting existing trees and vegetation.

Reconfigure its underground electric distribution system.

During this construction phase, which will take approximately 9 months, CenterPoint Energy will reconfigure its underground electric distribution system with a focus on continued infrastructure enhancements to support future growth and reliability.

Once the bridge and electric service reconfiguration is complete, all of the temporary overhead lines will be removed and electric service will return to being served through underground power lines.

We anticipate this construction will begin in March and be completed in late 2016.

To learn more about CenterPoint Energy’s role in the Yale Street Bridge Improvement Project, review our Frequently Asked Questions​ page, or visit TxDOT’s project page.​