Shorewood - Glen Road

Scheduled Start Date: April 15, 2021

CNP Map of Shorewood - Glen Road.png

Project Resource(s)

What will CenterPoint Energy do?

From April 15 to late spring or early summer 2021, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Shorewood along the following roads west of Manitou Road (County Road 19): the south side of Glen Road, the east side of Manitou Lane, and the south side of Amlee Road.

While Michels Corporation will replace the natural gas main, connect the natural gas service lines to the new main, and move any inside residential meters outside, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work.

At the intersection of Glen Road and Manitou Road, flaggers will be placed as needed to help direct traffic. No road closures are expected. Lane and parking closures may occur where the crews are working. These restrictions are necessary to keep the crew and the public safe.

What is CenterPoint Energy’s COVID-19 policy?

According to the Governor of Minnesota’s order, gas main replacement is an essential work function. This allows for the modernization of related gas facilities. The gas main work requires excavations in various locations in the right-of-way (front yard) to facilitate the installation work.

As social distancing practices and proper use of PPE, face masks and gloves have become normalized and as customers are willing to allow properly protected personnel into their homes to complete required work to modernize gas facilities, which is essential work, CenterPoint Energy authorized contractors will enter customer homes to complete work only with customer permission.

The purpose of this letter is to advise that with customer permission, crews will now enter homes to complete necessary gas meter work. If you choose not to allow crews to enter your home, gas service will not be interrupted, and we will reschedule for a time better suited to concerns you may have. Crews will continue to replace service lines. Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement and next to your home to complete the task of service line replacement.