Early this week, crews from Michels Corporation, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, plan to finish the natural gas work on Garland Lane N., Fountain Lane N. and County Road 6. This includes connecting the natural gas service lines to the new mains and putting the existing natural gas mains out of service.

Starting on Wednesday, May 5, the crews plan to begin the service line work on 14th Avenue N. and Vicksburg Avenue N. south of County Road 6.

Project Description

From the week of April 12 to late spring or early summer 2021, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Plymouth along the following streets: Garland Lane N., Fountain Lane N., 17th Ave. N., 13th Ave. N., 14th Ave. N., Black Oaks Lane N., Black Oaks Ct. N., Zanzibar Lane N., and Weston Lane N. While Michels Corporation will replace the natural gas main, connect the natural gas service lines to the new main, and move any inside residential meters outside, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work at no cost to the customer.

Traffic Impacts

For most of the project’s duration, lane and parking closures will occur in areas of active construction. For limited durations, the crews will close the entrances into Garland Lane N., Fountain Lane N., and Yuma Lane N. along County Road 6. Detour signs will lead drivers to the next block over.