Minnetonka – Mayflower Park Neighborhood

Anticipated timeline: 

  • October 10, 2022 into late fall 2022
  • Monday, May 1 into summer 2023

CNP Map of Minnetonka Orchard Ave.png

Project Resources

  • If you contact CenterPoint Energy for any questions, please reference the project’s name or number 104151375.


For several months beginning on Monday, May 1, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work along select streets in Minnetonka. Equix Integrity updates our records on the locations of sewer lines in relation to natural gas lines. Michels Corporation will replace natural gas mains, replace or reconnect service lines as needed, and move inside meters to the outside of homes. Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work. There will be no assessment or cost associated with our work. This will be a continuation of last year’s work. The crews anticipate minimal traffic impacts, including parking and lane closures.

The following roads will have work on the mains, service lines, and meters:

  • Sylvan Road S. from Bent Tree Lane to Orchard Avenue W.
  • The cul-de-sacs of Evans Drive, Sylvan Place, Westridge Circle, and Westridge Lane
  • Westridge Road from Crescent Ridge Road to Cedar Lake Road
  • Meadow Lane W. from Westridge Road to 12121 Meadow Lane W.
  • Orchard Avenue W. from Sylvan Road S. to 12121 Orchard Avenue W.
  • Golden Acre Drive from Sylvan Road S. to 12111 Golden Acre Drive

The following roads had new mains last year and will have service lines and meters this year:

  • Bent Tree Lane from Crescent Ridge Road to Sylvan Road S.
  • Crescent Ridge Road from Sylvan Road S. to the cu-de-sac at Bent Tree Lane
  • Bent Tree Road from Plymouth Road S. to Crescent Ridge Road
  • The following cul-de-sacs: Bent Tree Way, Twelve Oaks Drive, Bent Tree Circle, Mayflower Place, and Mayflower Circle
  • Mayflower Avenue from Mayflower Place to Orchard Avenue W. and from Golden Acre Drive to Northwood Avenue
  • Golden Acre Drive from Mayflower Avenue to 12101 Golden Acre Drive

Marking utilities

CenterPoint Energy will contact Gopher State One Call 811 to locate public underground utilities such as water, sewer, and cable. You will see markings such as spray paint and utility flags. They will be color-coordinated to indicate a separate utility.

If you have installed any private lines such as sprinklers or dog fences, we ask that you mark them with whatever material is convenient for you. Examples include spray paint, flags, and wooden sticks used to stir paint. Marking sprinkler heads is sufficient.

Service line and meter work

The customer will receive a CenterPoint Energy postcard in the mail explaining the project before the natural gas crews perform the work. The crews will have CenterPoint Energy-authorized photo IDs. After the customer receives the postcard, the foreman will arrive at the customer’s house to schedule an appointment that typically meets with the customer’s schedule. If the customer isn’t home when they arrive, they will leave a door tag with their contact information to schedule an appointment with them.

One natural gas crew typically works on about one block per week. They will either fully replace the service line or reconnect it to the new main, depending on the line’s age. For most properties, the crews remove at least one sidewalk panel in front of the house, excavate a hole by the outside meter, and bore the service line from the sidewalk to the house.

For inside meters, the crew will make a two- to three-hour appointment at a time that works with the resident. We encourage customers to work with the crew on where they want the meter to go, keeping limitations in mind such as a minimum of three feet away from areas such as windows, doors, and vents. Customers with outside meters will be notified prior to the replacement or connection of the service lines to the new mains.

The technician will access the natural gas meter inside the house, move the meter outside, and relight the natural gas appliance pilot lights after the new meter has been relocated.


After the service line and meter work, the gas crew will backfill the excavated areas with dirt or gravel. This will be temporary before the restoration crew comes. On boulevards and lawns, they will refill the areas with black dirt, grass seed, and netting that degrades over about four months. Prior to mowing the restored area, remove any loose staples that secured the netting. 

For photo examples, please visit our Restoration Practices page.