Minneapolis – 34th Avenue S. between 43rd and 47th Streets E.

Scheduled Spring Start Date: May 10, 2021

Scheduled Winter Start Date: December 13, 2021

CNP Map of Mpls 34th Ave S with bus detour.png

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What will CenterPoint Energy do this winter? 

This summer, a crew from Michels Corporation, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, replaced natural gas lines along 34th Avenue S. between 43rd and 47th Streets E. (See the information below.) 

From Monday, December 13 to Tuesday, December 21, the crew will return to the intersection of 34th Avenue S. and 45th Street E. to perform final work on the new natural gas main. During this time, the following impacts will take place:

The intersection will be closed. Detour signs will lead through traffic to 42nd Street E., 28th Avenue S. and 46th Street E. The bus will be detoured to 46th Street E., 33rd Avenue S. and 44th Street E. Parking will be restricted along the following streets:

  • The west side of 33rd Avenue S. from 46th to 44th Streets E.
  • The north side of 44th Street E. from 33rd to 34th Avenues S.
  • Both sides of 34th Avenue S. 100 feet north and south of 45th Street E.
  • Both sides of 45th Street E. 200 feet west and east of 34th Avenue S.

Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, will put temporary concrete or asphalt in the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work. In 2022, the City of Minneapolis will permanently pave the intersection. Constituents will not be assessed for this work. We appreciate your patience as we upgrade our natural gas lines, ensuring system reliability for years to come.

What did CenterPoint Energy do this summer?

From May 10 to summer 2021, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors worked in Minneapolis along on both sides of 34th Avenue S. between 43rd and 47th Streets E.

While Michels Corporation replaced two natural gas mains (one on each side of 34th Avenue S.), connected the natural gas service lines to the new mains, and moved any inside residential meters outside, Q3 Contracting restored the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work. 

CNP Map of Mpls 34th Ave S.jpg