Crews from Michels Corporation, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, have replaced the first of the project’s two natural gas mains on 17th Avenue S. from 38th to 32nd Streets E. On April 22 and 23, the crews are replacing the first of the project’s two natural gas mains on 17th Avenue S. between 32nd and 34th Streets E. On Monday, April 26, the crews will replace the first main between Lake Street E. and 32nd Street E. After that, they will return to a few intersections to connect the new natural gas main to the existing intersecting mains.

The replacement of the first natural gas main is expected to be complete by Wednesday, April 28.

In areas of active construction, the crews are closing 17th Avenue S. to through traffic. One sidewalk will remain open at a time. While 31st Street E. will remain open to traffic, 32nd Street E. will be closed to through traffic. Detour signs will lead through traffic to Cedar Avenue, 33rd Street E., Bloomington Avenue and Lake Street E.

Traffic Impacts

The crews will begin at 38th St. E., working north. To replace the first main under the east sidewalk, the crews will close two blocks at a time to through traffic. Parking will be restricted on both sides of 17th Ave. S. within any closures. The west sidewalk will remain open during this time. The crews will be on site to help residents with access.

As the first main is being replaced, the crews will put temporary restoration on any excavated areas and reopen the closures. Later in the project’s timeline, these blocks will be reclosed to accommodate the service line work and the second main replacement.

In the areas of active construction, most of the cross streets heading east or west will remain open. Any intersections or blocks that will be closed will have detour routes directing drivers to Bloomington Ave. or Cedar Ave. These closures are necessary to keep the crews and the public safe.

Project Description

From April 12 to late summer 2021, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Minneapolis along 17th Ave. S. from 38th St. E. to Lake St. E. While Michels Corporation will replace two natural gas mains, connect the natural gas service lines to the first main, and move any inside residential meters outside, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work at no cost to the customer.