Project Status - Jordan - Highway 169

Crews from CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, installed natural gas main at Highway 21 (Broadway Street N.) at the ramp leading onto Highway 169. One crew will work at Creek Lane for a short duration. The crew has created orders for Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, to restore the areas that have so far been affected by Michels Corporation.

Another Michels Corporation crew began installing natural gas main along Highway 169, beginning at 166th Street West. They will be working south toward 173rd Street West for approximately the next two weeks. Traffic along Highway 169 will not be impacted by the crews’ installation. 

Crews from CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, have been installing the natural gas main along 2nd Street West (Highway 282) from Sand Creek to Mertens Street. When they’re finished with 2nd Street West, they will install the main along Mertens Street between 2nd Street West and 4th Street West before installing the main along 4th Street from Mertens Street to Broadway Street North.

CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, began its “Highway 169” project this month. The crews are currently installing natural gas mains along 2nd Street W. (Highway 282) from west of the creek to in between Mertens Street and Wood Street. By November 1, the crews will have installed all the project’s gas mains along the streets south of Highway 169.


Where, when, and why is CenterPoint Energy performing construction?
Beginning in mid-September and ending in Winter 2018, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, will be installing a natural gas main in Jordan along the following streets:

  • The shoulder of Highway 169 from 166th Street West to Highway 21 (Broadway Street N.)
  • Highway 21 from Highway 169 to 4th Street West
  • The southern side of 4th Street West from Syndicate Street to Highway 21
  • The east side of Mertens Street from 2nd Street West (Highway 282) to 4th Street West
  • The north side of 2nd Street West from Mertens Street to just west of Creek Lane

What are the estimated traffic impacts?

  • Residents and businesses will have access to their properties’ driveways.
  • Construction will occur in segments along the construction route, rather than all at once. Lane restrictions are anticipated in areas where active construction is occurring and are necessary to keep both the public and construction personnel safe.
  • Crews from Q3 Contracting, an authorized CenterPoint Energy contractor, will restore the areas affected by CenterPoint Energy’s construction—typically the utility easement, the street, and the customer’s yard.

What is CenterPoint Energy’s mission, and how can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

At CenterPoint Energy, we are committed to providing timely and relevant information to our customers and the general public to minimize inconvenience or disruption due to our construction activities. CNP has provided safe, clean and efficient natural gas service to Minnesota communities for more than 145 years. We are proud of this record and strive to improve it by educating the public about the benefits of natural gas at

Frequent updates will be posted on the Project Status page below. In addition, you can contact one of the following CenterPoint Energy resources. Please reference the project name or number 85505604:

  • Information Hotline:
    • email:
    • phone: 612-321-5369
  • Communication Specialist, Hannah Gullickson:
    • phone: 612-321-5546
  • Restoration Department:
    • email:
    • phone: 612-321-5042

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you.