Eden Prairie – Flying Cloud Drive and Leona Road

Scheduled Start Date: July 5, 2022

CNP Map of Eden Prairie Flying Cloud Dr.jpg

Project Resource(s)

If you contact CenterPoint Energy for any questions, please reference the project’s name or number 102908198.

What will CenterPoint Energy do?

From the first week of July to approximately the first week of August, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Eden Prairie at the intersection of Flying Cloud Drive and Leona Road. While Michels Corporation will replace a large-diameter natural gas steel main, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work outside the limits of Hennepin County’s Road Maintenance Project.

Since the crews weld the pieces of the pipe together, the steel main replacement requires open excavation. Below is the project’s proposed schedule:  

The week of July 5 to 9
The crew will begin replacing the gas main across the northbound lanes of Flying Cloud Drive south of Leona Road. After crossing Flying Cloud Drive, the crew will begin replacing the new main along the east side of Flying Cloud Drive heading north toward Leona Road. During this time, no work will take place in the southbound lanes.

The week of July 11 to 16
The crew will finish crossing Leona Road and will begin replacing the main along Flying Cloud Drive north of Leona Road. North of Leona Road, the crew will close northbound Flying Cloud Drive.

The week of July 18 to 23
The crew will continue replacing the main along Flying Cloud Drive north of Leona Road.

The week of July 25 to 30
The crew will begin connecting the new main to the existing intersecting main in the southbound lanes north and south of Leona Road. They will put the existing main out of service.