What will CenterPoint Energy do?

Beginning on Monday, October 3, lasting into November, and potentially resuming in spring 2023, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Coon Rapids along Sand Creek Drive NW and along Redwood, Olive, Norway, and Magnolia Streets NW.

While Michels Corporation will replace the natural gas mains, connect the natural gas service lines to the new mains, and move any inside meters outside, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by their work. During this time, parking and lane closures may occur. Flaggers may be on site helping direct traffic.

The crew is starting on Magnolia Street NW, working west.

Michels Corporation plans to replace all the project’s natural gas work this year. Although Q3 Contracting plans to permanently restore the affected areas, they will put down winter erosion control if the temperatures are too cold for permanent restoration. This may include asphalt on previously concrete surfaces and hydroseed and blankets on boulevards and lawns. If this happens, they will return in 2023 for permanent restoration. We appreciate your patience as we work as efficiently as we can.

What if I have an inside gas meter?

The customer will receive a CenterPoint Energy postcard in the mail typically within one or two weeks prior to the day when the Michels Corporation crews will perform the work. The crews will have CenterPoint Energy-authorized photo IDs stating that they are employees of Michels Corporation.

After the customer receives the postcard, the foreman will arrive at the customer’s house to schedule an appointment that typically meets with the customer’s schedule. If the customer isn’t home when they arrives, he will leave a door tag with his contact information to schedule an appointment with him.

Customers are advised to set aside a two- to four-hour time frame for the inside-to-outside gas meter move. They are also advised to mark their privately-installed utilities such as dog fences or sprinklers. Marking can be accomplished with tools such as spray paint or utility flags. The foreman will access the natural gas meter inside the house, move the meter outside, and relight the natural gas appliance pilot lights after the new meter has been relocated.

Customers with outside meters will be notified prior to the replacement or connection of the service lines to the new mains. Areas affected by our work will be restored to their original condition.

What should I expect during soft surface restoration?

On the soft surfaces such as boulevards and lawns, various erosion control measures keep the restored area moist, hold seed in the soil, and enhance seed germination. If an erosion blanket is needed it is secured in place with staples. The mesh is a wood fiber that will completely degrade. Prior to mowing the restored area, remove any loose staples that secured the blanket.

If Michels Corporation works in cold temperatures, Q3 Contracting will put down temporary restoration before returning in 2023 to permanently restore these areas. This may include asphalt on previously concrete surfaces and winter erosion control on boulevards and lawns. We appreciate your patience as we work as efficiently as we can.