CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors are continuing work. The crews from Michels Corporation are continuing to work along Buck Hill Road at County Road 42 and at 158th Street W. While one crew is installing a regulator station and connecting the natural gas piping to it at County Road 42, the other crew is installing the natural gas main at 158th Street W. and connecting it to the existing intersecting piping.

For approximately one month, the crews will continue to work in the shoulder lane of Buck Hill Road for the main replacement. In one month, more closures will begin. Further details will be added to the website closer to the closure’s start date.

Crews from Q3 Contracting have placed temporary hydroseed in the areas where crews removed trees along the project’s route. Permanent restoration will follow after the project’s natural gas work is finished. The crews also restored the bike paths and pedestrian ramps affected by Michels Corporation’s work this spring.


In the week of May 11, a crew from Michels Corporation, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, began replacing the first of the project’s two natural gas mains, working north along Buck Hill Road from 158th Street W. This week, they anticipate finishing the replacement of the small-diameter plastic natural gas main. Following this replacement, the crews will connect the natural gas service lines to this new main.

During this time, a lane shift is occurring on Buck Hill Road with two-way traffic being maintained. A crew from Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, will follow to restore the sidewalk panels. After that, the lane shift will be temporarily removed before the replacement of the second natural gas main.

This week, a Michels Corporation crew began preparing the site for the replacement of the second main, which is a large-diameter steel main. They are currently located at the Burnsville Center. Further updates will be sent regarding their traffic plans.

Project Description and Traffic Impacts

From mid-May to fall 2021, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Burnsville along Buck Hill Road from the Burnsville Mall to 158th Street W. While Michels Corporation will replace two natural gas mains, Q3 Contracting will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work.

On May 10, the crews will begin replacing the first main from the entrance to Buck Hill to 158th Street W. They will also connect two natural gas service lines to the new main. During this time, two-way traffic will be maintained on Buck Hill Road. The sidewalk will be closed. Entrances to Buck Hill and 158th Street W. will remain open.

From late May to fall, the crews will return to replace the second main from the Burnsville Mall to 158th Street W. During this time, few blocks will be closed at a time for a few weeks at a time. When the crews cross an intersection, each crossing will take approx. a few business days. At the end of the project, the crews will return to the north and south ends of the job to connect the new main to the existing intersecting ones.

The inspectors will work with residents and businesses on maintaining access. These restrictions necessary to keep both the public and construction personnel safe.