Burnsville 2020 Belt Line Project - Project Updates 


The crews are continuing to replace the natural gas main and restore the areas affected by their work. Since the weather is not conducive for permanent restoration, the crews are putting down winter erosion control on the soft surfaces. In 2021, they will return to these areas to permanently restore them. 

The natural gas work will continue into November 2020.


The crews are continuing to work on replacing the natural gas main and connecting it to existing intersecting mains. Restoration is following behind the natural gas work. A catch basin is temporarily installed during the construction.


Crews from CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, plan to activate the project’s main with natural gas within mid-October. The crews have been performing work on the regulator loops. In the northern part of the job, crews from Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, have been restoring the blacktop parking lots and soft surfaces affected by Michels Corporation’s work.


From 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 7 to the evening of Monday, August 10, crews from Michels Corporation, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, will close Cliff Road for several hundred feet just east of Portland Avenue. During this time, the detour route for westbound traffic on Cliff Road is 12th Avenue, Highway 13 and I-35W. The detour route for eastbound traffic is Nicollet Avenue, Highway 13 and 12th Avenue.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to upgrade our natural gas main. 


Crews from Michels Corporation are replacing the natural gas main at the Burnsville High School and will continue to work here into the week of June 29.


What will CenterPoint Energy’s project entail? From early June to fall 2020, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, will replace CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas main in Burnsville between Highway 13 and CenterPoint Energy’s Dakota Station. Work will take place in the State, Dakota County, and the City of Burnsville right-of-ways as well as CenterPoint Energy easements across the Burnsville High School property and between Riverwood Drive and Cliff Road (County Road 32).
What are the anticipated traffic impacts? Businesses along the route will have coordinated closures of any parking lots that are built upon CenterPoint Energy’s pipeline easements. Road closures of Riverwood Drive and Riverwood Circle will be required for the replacement of the gas main. The crews’ inspectors will work with the business owners to coordinate timing. These closures are necessary to keep both the public and the construction personnel safe.
Crews from CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Q3 Contracting, will restore the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work—typically the boulevard, sidewalks, parking lots, and lawns. 

What is CenterPoint Energy’s mission, and how can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

At CenterPoint Energy, we are committed to providing timely and relevant information to our customers and the general public to minimize inconvenience or disruption due to our construction activities. CNP has provided safe, clean and efficient natural gas service to Minnesota communities for more than 145 years. We are proud of this record and strive to improve it by educating the public about the benefits of natural gas at CenterPointEnergy.com/BeSafe.

For any questions, you can contact one of the following resources:

Communications Specialist
  • Hannah Gullickson – 612-321-5546
Information Hotline
Restoration Questions

Please reference the project name or number 90787941 when calling. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. Thank you very much.