1. This Maintenance Plan contract applies to one single family residence per agreement and covers specific maintenance services.  This is not a repair contract.​
  2. The Maintenance Plan is designed to deliver important seasonal maintenance in two visits per year.      
    • The cooling season visit will include:  central air conditioner tune-up; dryer vent cleaning (up to length of 24 feet); bath fan cleaning (up to two bath fans included).
    • The heating season visit will include:  furnace or boiler tune-up; refrigerator coil cleaning; water heater tune-up.
  3. Appliances, including such items as dryer venting, must meet code requirements and be in operating condition at the time program service begins. CenterPoint Energy must have safe access to, and safe working conditions at and around the appliances and equipment.
  4. CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for losses of any kind, including direct or indirect damages, death, illness or injury, resulting from conditions or events beyond CenterPoint Energy’s control that impair CenterPoint Energy’s ability to provide services under this contract. Such conditions include piping, venting or other pre-existing incompatible sizing issues, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, extreme weather conditions, acts of God and other conditions beyond CenterPoint Energy’s control. CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for indirect, consequential or incidental damages (indirect losses or injuries) in any circumstance.
  5. To assure continued protection, the contract will be automatically renewed at the end of 12 months at regular prices non-promotional prices and terms then in effect, unless cancelled by you or CenterPoint Energy in writing to the other within thirty (30) days prior to your contract anniversary date. Further, in the case of a material change to these terms and conditions, you also may cancel this contract within thirty (30) days of your being notified of such change by giving written notice to CenterPoint Energy. The current terms, conditions, and pricing are available online at HSPtoday.com.
  6. You are purchasing the Maintenance Plan for one full year. For your convenience, if you move from the covered residence during the term of your Maintenance Plan contract, your Maintenance Plan contract will be transferred to your new address, if it is within our service territory. When you transfer your account, your Maintenance Plan anniversary date will be adjusted, with the 12-month term beginning on your transfer date.
  7. If payments are late, CenterPoint Energy may demand immediate payment of the greater of the entire amount you owe under the one-year term of the contract or immediate payment of the cost (labor and parts)​ of all service provided to you less any payments made by you to CenterPoint Energy. Further, if your Maintenance Plan account reaches 120 days past due, CenterPoint Energy will cancel your Maintenance Plan, including all optional coverage. You remain liable for the amount owed as set forth above. If you pay what is owed on all HSP plans within the one-year Maintenance Plan contract period, all HSP contract plans will be reinstated.
  8. If repairs are identified during the course of your seasonal maintenance visits, at your option you may choose to have CenterPoint Energy complete the repairs. CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus®​ Repair Plan customers will not be charged for covered repairs. For identified repairs not covered under the terms of the Repair Plan, and for Maintenance Plan customers who do not also have the Repair Plan, repairs may be completed by CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® for an additional charge using time and materials rates then in effect.​​
  9. Not Covered Under The Maintenance Plan

    • Appliance repair is not covered under the Maintenance Plan.
    • Plastic and vinyl dryer venting is not covered under the Maintenance Plan.
    • Dryer venting assembled with sheet metal screws cannot accommodate our cleaning equipment and is not covered under the Maintenance Plan.  If the venting is accessible, CenterPoint Energys Home Service Plus® will disassemble the venting, clean, and reassemble the dryer vent, sealing the joints with metal tape.
    • Labor and materials for cleaning boiler water, draining expansion tanks, venting radiators, water supply problems is not covered under the Maintenance Plan.
    • Labor or equipment rental cost of gaining access to or removal of any unit that requires special equipment or tools is not covered under the Maintenance Plan.
    • Charges for service or parts you have others provide are not covered under the Maintenance Plan.

    Maintenance Service Details

    The steps incorporated in each seasonal maintenance service are shown below: ​

    Furnace Tune-up/Safety Check

    • Check furnace or boiler for presence of carbon monoxide (CO) at the time the check is performed.
    • Check combustion chamber / heat exchanger condition.
    • Check burner flame for proper characteristics including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, if necessary, at no additional cost.
    • Check and adjust gas input to manufacturer specification to ensure maximum efficiency.
    • Check pilot / igniter operation, clean pilot, as necessary.
    • Check flame sensor or pilot safety timing and replace thermocouple, if necessary, at no additional cost.
    • Check internal drain line; replace, as necessary.
    • Check motors, oil as needed (oil pump if boiler). Replace belts, if necessary, at no additional cost.
    • Check condition of blower wheel and clean, as necessary.
    • Check furnace filters and indicate proper replacement size.
    • Check operational control sequence, including safety controls and thermostat.
    • Check condition of vent pipe to chimney and draft intensity.
    • Remove dust and scale from the burner compartment and other key parts as needed.
    • Check furnace drain line and replace, as necessary.
    • Restart furnace or boiler.

    Water Heater Tune-up

    • Check water heater for presence of carbon monoxide (CO) at the time the check is performed.
    • Check pilot safety timing.
    • Check main burner and adjust, if necessary.
    • Check burner compartment and vacuum, if necessary.
    • Check and clean pilot light.
    • Check flue for scaling and clean, if necessary.
    • Check appliance vent/draft condition.

    Refrigerator Coil Cleaning

    • Check appliance for proper operation.
    • Brush clean and vacuum refrigerator coil.
    • If refrigerator must be moved, technician will use skids to help protect flooring.

    Central Air Conditioner Tune-up

    • Check voltage.
    • Check belt condition.
    • Wash condensing unit coils.
    • Check furnace drain line and replace, as necessary.
    • Check unit for optimal cooling performance.
    • Check filter.
    • Confirm proper air flow.​​
    • Check thermostat operation and control sequence.
    • Check oil blower.
    • Check, adjust, and oil motor and bearings.
    • Provide tips and information about operating your central air conditioner

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    • Power brush clean dryer venting, starting from the exterior of the dwelling, up to 24 feet in length and dispose of lint cleared during this process.
    • Clean dryer lint trap and dispose of lint cleared during this process.
    • Clean area beneath dryer and dispose of lint cleared during this process.

    Bath Fan Cleaning

    • Maximum of two bath fans.
    • Check unit(s) to verify proper operation.
    • Remove fan(s), if possible, for power cleaning outside the home.
    • Reinstall fan(s).
    • If fan(s) is not removable, technician will clean the fan(s) while in place.