Your Main Drain Cleaning plan features:

  • We will provide emergency response to unclog main sewer line.
  • We will unclog from the cleanout in your basement, toward the city sewer, up to 150 feet. In the event of a sewer line back-up, we will clean from the clean-out to the street. If the line from the floor drain to the clean-out is backed up, we will clean that line, too.
  • We use high power augering equipment that can clear out tree roots, rust grease and other obstructions.
  • We provide a 24-hour dispatcher to take your emergency calls.
  • We use bonded and professionally trained specialists.
  • Other drains (such as floor drains) cleaned for additional charges.

Conditions of CenterPoint Energy’s Home Service Plus® (HSP) Main Drain Emergency Plan:

  • CenterPoint Energy Main Drain Sewer Coverage Plan provides unclogging of your main sewer drain line from your basement cleanout, under your lawn, toward the street up to 150 feet. Unclogging of waste and vent areas or other services are available at additional cost. Your main sewer line must meet code requirements and be in operating condition at the time the program service begins.
  • Cleaning your main cleanout when no clogging or problem exists, up to 150 feet or 75 minutes, is available with our Main Drain Sewer Line Preventive Maintenance for a separate charge.
  • CenterPoint Energy Main Drain Sewer Plan is a contract which applies to one single family residence per agreement and covers one sewer line per household. Additional contracts can be purchased at the current option price. All contracts are valid for one year.
  • Main Drain Sewer Services are available only to single family homes on municipal sewer systems.
  • Main Drain Sewer Serv​ices do not cover any materials, parts and labor required as the result of abuse, vandalism, fire, freezing, acts of God, power or water supply outages, flooded cellars other than main sewer back-ups (if coverage has been selected), or other abnormal conditions.
  • CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for broken, settled, rusted or deteriorated lines, pipes, fixtures, cleanouts, or any damage resulting from cleaning such main sewer components.
  • The work performed by CenterPoint Energy will include professional drain and sewer cleaning methods which do not include excavation. If video or camera inspection and scoping are performed, it is at an additional cost. CenterPoint Energy will notify you of this fact and explain pricing prior to performing the work. If it is found during the cleaning process that the drainage tile or any lines being serviced are settled, broken, deteriorated, damaged or of such construction or condition as to make it inadvisable, in the opinion of CenterPoint Energy, to clean the line safely and properly, CenterPoint Energy will not be held responsible. In the event any of these conditions are identified, we will notify you of this fact and cancel your coverage. Coverage will be reinstated, and any cleaning that was in process will be completed once we receive documentation verifying that your sewer line has been repaired. Any repairs to the lines will be done by you at your expense.
  • CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for damage to your premises caused by the removal of the cleanout, drain cover, or cap which is removed in the process of servicing the lines. If it is found that the cleanout drain cover or cap is so rusted that it needs replacement, CenterPoint Energy will replace the cap at an additional charge. CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for any damage resulting from sewer gas, back-ups or leakage through the cover, cap or opening of the drain lid.
  • CenterPoint Energy will use qualified contractors to fulfill its obligations for Main Drain Sewer Coverage and Sewer Line Preventive Maintenance.
  • CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to schedule Main Drain Preventive Maintenance based on workflow and available specialists.
  • CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to modify the conditions of this plan without notice or to terminate this plan with reasonable notice to you.