Energy savings and home efficiency tips

To make your home as efficient as possible, we strongly recommend you schedule a professional home energy audit. CenterPoint Energy offers this service, as do many other utility service providers. An energy audit should measure your home's efficiency and provide you with actionable items for improving it.

Attics and roofs:

  • Check the insulation level in your attic (R-50 recommended). Proper insulation levels reduce heat loss in the winter and loss of cool air during the summer. Learn more at MN Energy Challenge or the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated and the vents aren't covered by insulations.  

Doors and windows:

  • In summer, block direct sunlight with curtains, shades or blinds.
  • In winter, allow direct sunlight to enter your home.
  • If you have storm windows, install them when the heating season begins.
  • Weather-strip exterior doors and windows. Weather-strip the sides, top and bottom of the sash on exterior doors – older windows often need weather-stripping, too. Check for cracks under exterior eaves and corners framed by siding.
  • For drafty windows, attach clear plastic sheets or film to the interior window frame. Window insulation kits can be found in hardware or department stores.
  • Buy energy-efficient windows and frames when your old ones need replacing. 

Want more home efficiency tips? We recommend reading the Home Energy Guide, by the MN Department of Commerce's Division of Energy Resources.