AFUE: Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. When purchasing a new appliance, look for those models with higher AFUE ratings as they offer better energy efficiency. HSP offers the latest, most energy efficient home comfort products, including furnaces, central air conditioners and water heaters. See all products.

Air cleaner: Air cleaners work with your furnace to remove up to 98 percent of airborne allergens and irritants helping you and your family breathe easier. HSP offers quality brand name a​ir cleaners and expert installation. Learn more.

Air conditioner: This appliance cools the air inside buildings via one or more assemblies that include an evaporator or cooling coil, a compressor and condenser combination. If your central air conditioning unit is more than 12 years old, replace it with an ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioning model and you could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent. We offer high-efficiency Daikin and Ruud air conditioners as well as AC tune-ups to maximize your energy efficiency.

Air handler: The part of a heat and central air conditioning system that moves air through a home’s ductwork. An HSP AC tune-up will ensure your system is working at peak performance.

Boiler: This self-contained, gas-burning appliance circulates steam or hot water through pipe and radiators for heating. HSP offers energy efficient natural gas boilers from Slant/Fin and Burnham, as well as in-home boiler consultations, installation and boiler tune-ups.

BTU: British Thermal Unit. Term used to express the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Higher BTU and efficiency models of water heaters provide faster hot water recovery.

Carbon Monoxide (CO): A poisonous gas that is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Proper use of natural gas appliances will help prevent dangerous build-up. A CO alarm will help alert you to potential problems.

Combustion air: Air that is drawn into an appliance to mix with fuel and support combustion. Proper combustion is assessed during a furnace tune-up and CO inspection. Schedule today.

Compressor: This device pumps refrigerant through refrigerant lines and the coil within an air conditioner, transferring indoor heat outside. Ensure maximum efficiency with a central AC tune-ups.

Condenser: The outside unit of an air conditioning or heating system which condenses the refrigerant from a gas into a liquid. Regular AC tune-ups help ensure maximum energy efficiency. Schedule now.

Damper: A device located in a heating system’s ductwork that controls air movement. A Home Energy Audit is a good way to determine if home dampers are operating properly.

Duct/Ductwork/Ducting: Large-diameter passage-way that carries cool or warm air throughout the home. Professional duct cleaning can help improve your home’s air quality by ridding ductwork of dust, pollen, lint and more. .

EER/SEER: Energy Efficiency Ratio or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Both are measures of how efficiently a heating or cooling system operates at a specific outdoor temperature. Higher numbers provide greater energy savings. HSP sells, installs and maintains high efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

Energy Factor (EF): The measure of energy efficiency for water heaters. The ratio of useful energy output from the water heater to the total amount of energy delivered to the water heater. A water heater with a higher EF is more efficient. HSP offers energy-efficient water heaters.

ENERGY STAR: is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. HSP offers a variety of ENERGY STAR home comfort systems.

Evaporator Coil (A Coil): A key component of a furnace or air conditioning system. It helps send cold air throughout a home’s ductwork. The coil absorbs heat and cooled air is delivered. Regular AC tune-ups help ensure the coil is not rusted or worn.

Flue/Flue Collector Box: A pipe, tube or channel which delivers hot air, gas, steam or smoke from a furnace or fireplace to a chimney. A fireplace tune-up will help ensure your home’s flue is operating properly.

Freon: "Freon' is a brand name for an odorless, colorless, nonflammable refrigerant, often used in air conditioning systems.

Furnace: An appliance which supplies heated air through ducts throughout a home. Help make sure your furnace is operating properly with regular furnace tune-ups by a professional technician, like HSP. Schedule a furnace tune-up today.

Gas fireplace insert:  A fireplace insert is a retrofit piece of equipment installed when a wood-burning fireplace is converted to natural gas. These work from a standing pilot like that on other natural gas appliances. The light typically stays on continually. A gas fireplace insert provides excellent warmth and beauty. An HSP fireplace tune-up includes important safety checks of your fireplace operations, controls and more.

Heat Exchanger: The part of a furnace that transfers heat from burning fuel to the air used to heat a home.

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV): Equipment designed to bring healthy outdoor air inside and move stale air and excess moisture outside to improve indoor air quality. HSP’s Lifebreath HRVs are energy efficient.

Humidifier: A device used to maintain a specific humidity level in the home. Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers and Honeywell TrueSTEAM humidifiers are available from HSP and provide winter warmth without dryness, messy mineral or residue buildup.

HVAC: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. A broad description for appliances or equipment that heat and cool. Furnaces and air conditioners are HVAC equipment. Learn more about HSP’s products and repair services.

Pilot: A small flame used to ignite the gas in the main burner of an appliance. If your pilot light is not burning blue, you may need service or repairs. HSP offers professional maintenance and repair services.

Programmable Thermostat: Designed to adjust the temperature according to programmed setting to take effect at designated times. This is one of the least expensive home improvements to increase comfort and savings on energy bills. An HSP furnace tune-up is another great way to ensure your furnace is operating efficiently.

Puron: "Puron" is a brand name for an environmentally sound refrigerant, often used in air conditioning systems. See R410A.

Refrigerant Lines: Copper lines which transfer refrigerant between the outdoor and indoor cooling unit. Regular air conditioner tune-ups check for coolant levels and for the condition of parts and assemblies.

Refrigerant: The liquid used to absorb and transfer heat from one part of the home comfort system to another.

Relief Valve: The safety mechanism on a water heater to relieve built-up pressure or temperatures built-up in the tank. HSP offers a variety of energy-efficient water heaters. Free in-home consultations ensure the right equipment is selected and purchased.

R410A: Also trademarked as Puron. See above.

Thermocouple: This is an electric device that senses if a pilot flame is hot enough to assure proper operation of gas fueled appliances. Leave repairs and maintenance of natural gas equipment to a trained professional. HSP offers repair and maintenance services and repair plans.

Ultraviolet light system: A system that can remove up to 87 percent of certain airborne bacteria in the air that passes through a heating/cooling system.  HSP offers a variety of air cleaners, including Honeywell.

Water heater: An appliance which supplies hot water. HSP sells, services and maintains water heaters. HSP experts will help homeowners select the right size and model for their needs. ​

Water softeners:  An appliance which removes hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) from a home’s water supply through a process called ion exchange. The appliance is made up of three main components—a control valve, pressure tank and salt tank/cabinet. HSP is proud to offer its own “ProSeries” line of water softeners. Learn more