Conditions of CenterPoint Energy’s Home Service Plus® (HSP) Electrical Surge Plan:

  1. The Electrical Surge Plan applies to one single family residence per contract. A single-family residence may include, whether rented or owned, a single-family house, town home, condominium unit or apartment unit that has an assigned individual service address.
  2. Electrical Surge Plan coverage begins 30 days after the initial enrollment date or re-enrollment after cancellation date.
  3. The total maximum coverage limit per 12-month term, from enrollment date, is $2,000.
  4. The Electrical Surge Plan provides a specified payment to you, up to the amount of the coverage limit, for the direct costs to repair or replace the covered electronic item, if a qualified electrician licensed by the State of Minnesota determines that the covered electronic item has been damaged by an electricial power surge event.
  5. After your claim is confirmed, you are responsible for paying for repair or for purchasing the new replacement electronic item of your choice at an electronics retailer of your choice. 
  6. To initiate the payment process, you must supply the following documentation:
    • A completed claim form or call us at 1-800-657-3279 to request a claim form
    • An invoice or other documentation, from a qualified electrician licensed by the State of Minnesota, with all applicable contact information, which:  
      • Identifies the damaged electronic item by make, model and serial number,
      • Includes a statement that the damage to the item was caused by an electrical power surge event, with the date of that event, and
      • Describes either:
        • the repair services performed and their cost,
        • or the reason the item is not repairable.
  7. All documentation is subject to verification by CenterPoint Energy and must be completed in full and received by CenterPoint Energy within ninety (90) days of the confirmed date of the electrical power surge event, at the following address. 

    HSP Electrical Surge Plan Administration 
    CenterPoint Energy
    P.O. Box 1165 
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-1165 

    In the alternative, you may email your documents to  Customers submitting documentation for payment post marked or received by email after the specified 90-day time period will forfeit their payment. 
  8. Upon confirmation of your claim by CenterPoint Energy, you will be issued a check for the payment provided your account shows no past-due Home Service Plus charges. Please allow up to 8 weeks to process.
  9. The Electrical Surge Plan offsets the cost or repairs or the cost to repair or replace non-repairable covered electronics. When repairing or replacing covered electronics beyond the coverage limit, the difference between the Electrical Surge Plan payment and the actual cost paid by you, is your responsibility. Charges for removal and disposal of old electronic(s), delivery and installation of new electronics(s), and taxes do not qualify for payment under the Electrical Surge Plan.
  10. Items covered under the Electrical Surge Plan are limited to the following items with a replacement value greater than $50:     
    • Display Electronics
      • Televisions, Monitors, Tablets, Digital Notebooks, Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Projectors, Digital Cameras
    • Security Electronics
      • Video Security Equipment and Alarm Monitoring Systems
      • Multimedia Electronics
      • Gaming Consoles, DVD/DVR, Blu-Ray Players, Streaming Media
    • Audio  Electronics
      • Equipment including Tuners and Receivers, Audio Amplifiers, Home Theatre Equipment and Speakers
    • Miscellaneous Electronics
      • Storage Devices, Printers, Networking & Wireless Devices

      In no event shall the Electrical Surge Plan cover home appliances or other equipment, including without limitation Furnaces, Air Conditioner Units or Thermostats, Hot Water Heaters, Refrigerators/Freezers, Conventional or Microwave Ovens, Washer-Dryers, Dishwashers, Toasters or Blenders.

  11. The Electrical Surge Plan does not cover damage resulting from any cause other than a confirmed electrical power surge event, including the following:
    •   Normal wear and tear or negligent use
    • Damage incurred for an electrical power surge event occurring outside of the term of your Electrical Surge Plan 
    • Damage incurred to electronic items you do not own or not located at the covered residence during the electrical power surge event
    • Damage covered under a manufacturer’s or service warranty, an insurance policy or any other home repair plan or warranty
    • Damage to items that do not comply with current industry standards and/or cannot be readily replaced. 
  12. You are purchasing a contract for the Electrical Surge Plan for one full year. To ensure continued protection, your Electrical Surge Plan will be automatically renewed on your Electrical Surge Plan contract anniversary date at the regular non-promotional prices and terms then in effect, unless cancelled by you or CenterPoint Energy in writing to the other within 30 days prior to your contract anniversary date. Further, in the case of a material change to these terms and conditions, you also may cancel this contract within 30 days of your being notified of such change by giving written notice to CenterPoint Energy. 
  13. For your convenience, if you move from the covered residence during the term of your Electrical Surge Plan contract, your Electrical Surge Plan contract will be transferred to your new address, if it is within CenterPoint Energy’s HSP service territory. When you transfer your account, your Electrical Surge Plan anniversary dates will be adjusted, with the 12-month term beginning on your transfer date. 
  14. If payments are late, we may demand immediate payment of the greater of the entire amount you owe under the terms of this contract or immediate payment of the cost (labor and parts), of all service provided to you less any payments made by you to CenterPoint Energy. Further, if your Electrical Surge Plan account reaches 120 days past due, CenterPoint Energy will cancel your Electrical Surge Plan. You remain liable for the amount owed at date of cancellation as set forth above.