Additional peace of mind when your covered appliances become non-repairable for $22.95 per month. 

To enroll in Replacement Plan coverage, you must also be enrolled in a Repair Plan. Repair Services are available to all homeowners throughout the Twin Cities, and to homeowners in many communities in Greater Minnesota. You do not need to be a CenterPoint Energy gas customer to enroll in a Repair Plan.

If you do not currently have a Repair Plan please select which plan you would like to enroll in and indicate you would also like to enroll in Replacement Plan.​


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  • The Replacement Plan applies to one single-family, owner-occupied residence per contract.
  • Replacement Plan coverage begins 30 days after initial enrollment date, transfer of service address, or re-enrollment after cancellation date.
  • Eligibility for entering into a contract for the Repla​cement Plan is contingent on your also being enrolled in one of CenterPoint Energy's other repair plans, including the HSP Basic Repair Plan. The terms and conditions of your HSP Repair Plan also apply to the Replacement Plan. The terms and conditions for HSP's Repair Plan and Replacement Plan can be obtained at or by calling 1-800-247-0638.
  • The Replacement Plan applies to appliances currently covered by your existing HSP Repair Plan at the covered residence. At the time you enroll in the Replacement Plan, your covered appliances must meet code requirements and be in operating condition.
  • The Replacement Plan provides a specified payment to you if CenterPoint Energy determines, at its sole discretion, that the covered appliance is non-repairable because critical parts necessary for the operation of the appliance are no longer available to repair the covered appliance, or because the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the covered appliance.
  • The Replacement Plan will provide you a payment as specified on the chart below for the purchase of new appliance(s) to replace the currently covered non-repairable appliance(s). Used, reconditioned or damaged appliances including scratch and dent, and appliances purchased via a charitable or government-assisted program, or appliances or parts purchased or replaced via a manufacturer's warranty, are not eligible under the Replacement Plan. You are responsible for purchasing the new replacement appliance of your choice at an appliance retailer of your choice.
  • To initiate the payment process, you must supply the following documentation:
    • a. Detailed receipts showing the cost of the appliance, name, address and telephone number of the appliance retailer from which replacement appliance was purchased; 
    • b. Purchase date; and c. Make, model and serial number of replacement appliance.
  • Submit proof of purchase documentation to CenterPoint Energy at the following address:
    HSP Replacement Plan Administration
    CenterPoint Energy
    P.O. Box 1165
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-1165 or email to

  • Submissions for payment must be postmarked within 90 days of the date when the covered appliance was deemed non-repairable by CenterPoint Energy. Customers submitting documentation for payment postmarked after the specified 90-day time period will forfeit their payment.
  • Upon receipt of purchase documentation by CenterPoint Energy, you will be issued payment as specified in the chart below, provided your account shows no past-due HSP charges. Please allow up to 8 weeks to process. If you choose to purchase a replacement appliance from CenterPoint Energy, the specified payment shown below will be automatically deducted from the sales price.
  • Payment will be made according to the HSP Replacement Plan chart shown below.
  • The Replacement Plan offsets the cost to replace non-repairable appliances. When replacing covered appliances, the difference between the Replacement Plan payment and the actual cost paid by you is your responsibility. Charges for removal and disposal of old appliance(s), delivery and installation of new appliance(s), and taxes do not qualify for payment under the Replacement Plan.
  • You are purchasing a contract for the Replacement Plan for one full year. To ensure continued protection, your HSP Repair Plan and your Replacement Plan will be automatically renewed on your Replacement Plan contract anniversary date at the regular non-promotional prices and terms then in effect, unless cancelled by you or CenterPoint Energy in writing to the other within 30 days prior to your contract anniversary date. Further, in the case of a material change to these terms and conditions, you also may cancel this contract within 30 days of your being notified of such change by giving written notice to CenterPoint Energy.
  • For your convenience, if you move from the covered residence during the term of your Replacement Plan contract, both your HSP Repair Plan contract and your Replacement Plan contract will
    be transferred to your new address, if it is within CenterPoint Energy's HSP appliance repair service territory. When you transfer your account, your HSP Repair Plan and your Replacement Plan anniversary dates will be adjusted, with the 12-month term beginning on your transfer date.
  • If payments are late on Repair Plans, Maintenance Plans, Maintenance Services, or equipment purchased from CenterPoint Energy, we may demand immediate payment of the greater of the entire amount you owe under the terms of this contract or immediate payment of the cost (labor and parts) of all service provided to you less any payments made by you to CenterPoint Energy. Further, if your Replacement Plan account reaches 120 days past due, CenterPoint Energy will cancel your Replacement Plan. You remain liable for the amount owed at date of cancellation as set forth above.

  • Appliance* Type






    Water Heater


    Clothes Dryer


    Central Air Conditioner**




    Refrigerator 10 cu. ft. or greater


    Refrigerator 3-9 cu. ft.***


    Clothes Washer


    Natural Gas or Propane Grill




    Gas Fireplace


    Free Standing Freezer


    Natural Gas Space Heating


    *For combination appliances (combo/stacked washer-dryer, combo furnace-water heater, “magic pack” combo furnace-air conditioner) the Replacement Plan only provides payment for the appliance that CenterPoint Energy determines is non-repairable.  For example: washer is non-repairable in a stacked washer-dryer combination so washer only is eligible for payment under the terms of the Replacement Plan, not the dryer.

    **Central Air Conditioner payment eligibility requires that both the condenser and "A-coil" are replaced together. Air handler, a separate piece of equipment, is not eligible for payment under the terms of the Replacement Plan.  Further, mini-split air conditioner individual head replacement is not eligible for payment under the terms of the Replacement Plan; all heads must be replaced to receive payment under the Replacement Plan.

    ***Refrigerators with less than 3 cubic feet capacity are not eligible for payment under the terms of the Replacement Plan.

    ****Non-repairable Ice Makers do not solely qualify a refrigerator for replacement assistance.

    *****To receive payment for a replacement grill, the grill must be natural gas or propane.​

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