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CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus Maintenance Plan is available to homeowners throughout the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area and many other communities in Greater Minnesota. You do not need to be a CenterPoint Energy customer to sign up for a Maintenance Plan.

Our Maintenance Plan can help:

  • Extend the life of your existing appliances
  • Improve your appliance performance and efficiency
  • Save you hundreds with a plan versus paying for individual services

For just $26.95/mo., the HSP Maintenance Plan provides six  heating season and cooling season maintenance services into two seasonal maintenance visits by our friendly HSP technicians.

Enroll today and receive your first month FREE. Simply complete the form below to sign up for our Maintenance Plan.

You can also customize your plan for a small additional monthly fee based on additional services selected. The Maintenance Plan is a yearly contract that is billed monthly and automatically renews each year until cancelled.

Important Notice: This form should not be used to report emergencies. If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave your home immediately, go to a safe location and call our natural gas leak hotline at 612-372-5050 or 800-296-9815.

0Customize Your Maintenance Plan - Add more appliances at a reduced monthly rate:
$6.25/month each additional
$3.00/month each additional

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