Payment Deferral for Furloughed Federal Government Employees

Bill payment referral is available to federal government employees who are currently on unpaid leave because of a federal government shutdown. This assistance is only available to residential customers during the shutdown and within 30 days after the federal government reopens.

Please contact us right away for assistance; you don’t need to wait until you receive a disconnection/shut-off notice or have your natural gas service disconnected.

To make submitting your information easier, please complete this form and include it along with the information below:

  • An active federal government employee identification.
  • Notice of a suspension of pay.
  • Proof of residence at the affected dwelling, such as a driver’s license. You do not have to be listed as the utility account holder to qualify for this assistance.

The bill payment assistance includes:

  • No late fees
  • No service disconnection because of non-payment

All delinquent balances that are outstanding during the federal government shutdown will become due and payable within 30 days of the government reopening. You may contact us at that time about establishing an alternative payment plan should your needs require it.