​​​​​Electric Service FAQs

Manage Your Electric Account:

Where can I find my electric bill?

CenterPoint Energy delivers safe and reliable electric energy to more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in the Houston area. We deliver the energy through the Retail Electric Provider (REP) you choose. Your electric bill will be available through your REP.

View Electric Usage

See your usage and electric account info such as 'power status.' Get both electric and gas usage in one convenient place, letting you better understand your energy use.

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Get Power Outage Alerts 

Enjoy greater control over your power outage alerts. Power Alert Service? lets you add up to 15 points of contact for outage alerts so everyone who should know, will know. 

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Add Authorized Users

There's no need to share your User ID and Password so others can help you manage accounts. Add trusted Users and give each a personalized access level.

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Customize Your Communications

Control how you stay in touch by setting preferences for alerts and communications with CenterPoint Energy.

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Starting New Electric Service:

How do I get my electric service turned on for a home or building I just bought that has had electric service before?

A: If you have recently moved into a space or built a home that had an existing address you can still use that same address. Please call CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-207-2222 and request a new ESI ID number for the address. Once the ESI ID number is established, contact the Retail Electric Provider of your choosing to set up your account using the new ESI ID number. Before CenterPoint Energy can energize the service, we will need the permit from your governing entity (see permitting question below) and the move in order from your Retail Electric Provider.

How do I request electric service for my new home or building where no service has been present previously?

A:  Once any CenterPoint Energy construction is complete, if necessary, please call CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-207-2222 and request a new ESI ID number for the address.  You will need to know the address for the site, and whether it is a residential or other type of service.  Once the ESI ID number is established, contact the Retail Electric Provider of your choosing to set up your account using the new ESI ID number.  Before CenterPoint Energy can energize the service, we will need the permit from your governing entity (see permitting question) and the move in order from your Retail Electric Provider. 

If you have questions about the type of service that is currently available at your job site, please ask Customer Service to refer you to a Service Consultant for further investigation.

Who do I contact to get a permit?

A: For an electrical permit you will need to contact the City or County your service address is located in.  If you live in a City contact the City first.  Once the permit is released, the City or County will send the permit to CenterPoint Energy.

How do I get an address?​​

A: To get an address for your job site, first contact the City or County where it is located.  In very few cases, the City or County in which the property is located does not supply addresses.  In these instances, please contact CenterPoint Energy Maps and Records at 713-207-4460 or email mapsandrecords@centerpointenergy.com to retrieve an address.

What information do I need to provide CNP to get an address for a property? ​​

A:You will need to provide a parcel/property ID from the county, site plan, nearby street address and description of what the address is for (residential or commercial).

Where do I put my pole to get service?

A: If you are installing a temporary or permanent service for a residence or commercial site look for existing utility poles and wire. If you see electrical facilities on or touching your property make sure to put your meter pole no more than 50’ from the CenterPoint Energy facilities. Please contact the Service Consultant for your area to confirm power location is feasible.

Can I have two meters on my property?

A: Yes, but each will have a different address. Every meter in the CenterPoint Energy footprint must have its own identifying address. The two or more meters can also be different types of services including another residential service, commercial service, or a service for items like a water well, or any other additional non-structure service. However, a single structure may only have one point of delivery without a special Operational Agreement.

What information do I need to provide to the Service Consultant to start electrical service discussions?

Please be prepared to provide the following: 1. Scaled Site Plan, NEC Electrical Load Analysis, Meter One-line diagram 2. Other items that may be needed once the job site is assessed: recorded warranty deed, motor starts if over 250HP

Can I be billed for the cost of CenterPoint Energy’s construction to serve my building or project?

A: For CenterPoint Energy construction, the vast majority of required customer contribution is collected before construction. However, there are instances where customer contribution may be required after the construction is complete due to construction scope changes or circumstances that differed from original plans. To find out more please contact your Service Consultant.

Temporary Service Disconnection/Reconnection:

How do I schedule a temporary disconnect?

A: Depending on your Retail Electric Provider, you will call them to request the temporary disconnect be sent to CenterPoint Energy. For further details please contact your Retail Electric Provider.

I need to replace/upgrade my meter service, how do I request an outage to do the work?

A: If you are a residential customer, you can contact your Retail Provider and request a Temporary Disconnect and upon completion, a Reconnect Order. These are same day orders and should be worked within 4 hours, Monday through Friday. Some Retail Electric Providers may refer you to CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-207-2222 to request the orders. Important Note: If you are making a wiring change a permit will be required.

If you are a commercial customer, especially when multiple meters can be affected by the outage, you should contact CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713 207 2222. If you have a self-contained meter service (400 Amp and less), with no other meters affected by the outage, call Customer Service and request a Temporary Disconnect. If you have a CT service, call Customer Service and ask for referral to your area Service Consultant to assist in coordinating your outage. Important Note: if you are making a wiring change a permit will be required.

Clearance Inquiries:

How close to an electric line can I build a new building or structure on my property? Who should I call to find out?

A: CenterPoint Energy builds power lines to comply with the National Electrical Safety Code requirements for permanent clearances between power lines and the existing structures or surfaces at the time the power line is installed. For new construction, the required permanent clearance will depend on the then-current National Electrical Safety Code and the type of structure being built.

Building too close to power lines reduces the permanent clearance and can create safety hazards for workers or occupants of the structure. Federal OSHA law and Texas state law (Chapter 752 of the Texas Health and Safety Act) require workers and others to maintain certain distances (“working clearance”) from power lines at all times. Consistent with OSHA law, stay at least 10 feet away from high voltage power lines. In addition, no building or structure should be constructed in a dedicated utility easement (ground or aerial). If you anticipate working within 10 feet of high voltage power lines or have any further questions, please contact CenterPoint Energy Customer Service and ask to speak with your Service Consultant in advance of starting the work to discuss arrangements for making the work site safe.

What should I do if I want to build a pool or hot tub?

A: There are strict guidelines regarding pools and hot tubs near overhead and underground energized power lines. Please contact your Service Consultant to discuss pool and hot tub installations.

Security Lighting:

How do I request a security light?

A: Please contact CenterPoint Energy Customer Service and ask to speak with your Service Consultant to initiate the process for obtaining a security light. The Service Consultant will evaluate the proposed location for the security light. Once the location is confirmed, the customer is responsible for ordering and purchasing the security light fixture from a list of CenterPoint Energy approved manufacturers for installation. The customer is also responsible for paying CenterPoint Energy to install the fixture on existing CenterPoint Energy facilities. Once installed, the customer is responsible for paying the charges for security light service to their Retail Electric Provider.

Can I install my own light or security camera on CenterPoint Energy facilities?

A:No, customers cannot install any unauthorized equipment or objects on the utility poles. All attachments to CenterPoint Energy utility poles must be approved by CenterPoint Energy and be compliant with CenterPoint Energy’s current Service Standards. The only allowed utilities and equipment must be CenterPoint Energy approved.

Street Lighting:

How do I request a street light?

A: Contact CenterPoint Energy’s Customer Service at 713-207-2222. For a new street light to be installed CenterPoint Energy will need a request letter from the City or County Commissioner where the street light is desired. For street light outages/issues, please click here to report the issue.

Metering Equipment:

I have a large commercial job that requires CT or PT metering, where can I get this equipment?

A: CenterPoint Energy’s Service Standards will assist you in determining if CT or PT metering equipment is required. CT and PT cabinets are provided at local service centers. Contact your Service Area Service Consultant for assistance. Please seethe Electric Service Standards here.

Installing a Generator:

What do I need to do to install a generator?

A: Generator and automatic transfer switches to be installed must be approved by CenterPoint Energy prior to installation. Please email your meter one line diagram, transfer switch specifications, transfer switch model number, and home address to the following email: ATS.Approvals@CenterPointEnergy.com

Continuous Power Interruptions:

Who do I call if I have an issue with my electric service to my home or business?

A: Please call CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-207-2222. They are able to assist in creating orders for issues such as flickering lights, outages, dimming lights, or tree trimming requests. If further investigation is needed, you can request to speak with a Service Consultant.

Can someone come out to see why my lights are flickering?

A: .Yes, a service technician can come to your home, but you may first want to contact a licensed electrician to inspect your service and in-home/business wiring. If the problem is related solely to customer-owned wiring, CenterPoint Energy cannot fix those issues and will need to charge a $109 fee for responding. If a licensed electrician cannot resolve the issue and you are still having problems, please call CenterPoint Energy Customer Service at 713-207-2222 for a trouble order to be created. If the issue is related to CenterPoint Energy’s equipment, there is no service charge for responding.