​​​​Welcome to CenterPoint Energy's Contractor Training Resource page​​

This page has been developed to house specific required training courses for CenterPoint Energy contractors. As part of CenterPoint Energy’s commitment to its core values - Safety, Integrity, Accountability, Initiative and Respect - your familiarity and adherence to the provisions of required training has a fundamental impact on the way we organize and conduct our business and is a critical element of the company’s ongoing compliance efforts.

​​Contractor Training Course ​Required for Contractors in: ​​
​Security Awareness Tr​​aining
  • ​​​​​Contractors with CNP network access 
    • ID's 0091nnnn and 0092nnnn


  • Contractors with Remote Access Only 
    • ID's 0090nnnn

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​*PUCT Code of Conduct Training

  • ​​CNP Service Company/CESC (Texas only)**
  • CNP Electric Division
  • Gas Division - Customer Services
  • ​Gas Division - Marketing and Sales
  • CES - Market Services (Texas only)
  • CES - Gulf Coast Marketing (Texas only)
  • ​​CES - Mass Markets
​Access Here​​​
​*Customer Service Identity Theft Prevention Training
  • Contractors in the Call Center and Credit departments
Access Here​
​*Hazard Communication Training
  • Contractors working for a temporary staffing agency (e.g. ADECCO employees)
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​​​Please note that you are required to complete this training within 30 days of the date you begin providing contract services for CenterPoint Energy. You and your company may be required to produce this certification upon request as evidence of your compliance with this requirement by CenterPoint Energy or other commissioned auditing firms.

*After reviewing the appropriate course information, please print and complete 2 copies of the course certification: Keep one for your records and forward the other to your management or appropriate representative within your company.

**Certain employees in CNP Service Company (CESC) are not required to tak​e this training. CNP Service Company (CESC) includes Finance, IT, General Counsel, HR and Business Support Services.