​​​​Consent to Disclose Utility Customer Data

The consent form below allows customers in Minnesota to permit CenterPoint Energy to disclose utility data, such as natural gas usage and participation in conservation programs, to the third party designated on the form.
Applicable to Minnesota customers only:

Customers may wish to authorize disclosure of their natural gas usage data in connection with rental property agreements, real estate transactions, energy conservation programs, or for other uses. Please remember, CenterPoint Energy will not have any control over how a third party may use a customer’s usage data once it is released.

After CenterPoint Energy has received a completed consent form, the customer or third party may contact CenterPoint Energy to request the release of specific utility data covered by the consent form. Customers and designated third parties may contact CenterPoint Energy at:
505 Nicollet Avenue
P.O. Box 59038
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55459-0038
Phone: 612-372-4727
Fax: 612-321-4806​
Email us