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Sports and Recreation

Lawton Sports and Recreation

Located in the Great Plains region, Lawton has many outdoor attractions.


Sports and recreation:

Fast facts about Lawton sports and recreation:

  • There are more than 80 parks in Lawton
  • The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge encompasses 59,020 acres.
  • More than 50 mammal, 240 bird, 64 reptile and amphibian, 36 fish and 806 plant species thrive on the refuge.
  • The refuge was established in 1901.
  • Mt. Pinchot is the tallest mountain in the refuge (second tallest in the state) at 2,476 feet. Mt. Scott is second in the refuge at 2,464 feet tall.
  • American bison, Rocky Mountain elk, white-tailed deer and Texas longhorn cattle are among the mammals that live on the refuge.

Sources: The City of Lawton and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge 

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