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Ethics & Compliance
Our Values

Think about Our Values before making a business decision

We are always committed to safety. We strive to instill a culture of safety excellence at all levels of our company. We will perform our duties safely or we won’t do them.

We do what is right for our customers, our communities, our shareholders, our business partners and each other. Without fail, we follow our values, our rules and policies, and the law. 

We are straightforward in our actions and truthful in our relationships. When we say we will do something, we follow through and keep our commitments. We accept personal responsibility for our decisions. We are all accountable for making sure our own conduct reflects and supports our values-based culture.

We are not afraid to take bold and innovative action. We make hard decisions and tackle tough choices. We speak up. We use our resources and assets wisely.

We show respect to everyone. How we treat our fellow employees and customers is just as important as the results that we achieve. We are considerate and show appreciation for diverse thinking. Every individual with whom we work deserves our best efforts. We are responsible to our stakeholders and work to earn their trust every day.

Ethics and Compliance Code 

Living Our Values 


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