Black Hills Energy Customers
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The 2018 Choice Gas selection period has ended.
Black Hills Energy Customers
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Stewardship through Values
<a href="/en-us/Documents/2017-Corporate-Responsibility-Report.pdf?WT.ac=Carousel_2017_CRR" target="_blank" title="2017 Corporate Responsibility Report">2017 Corporate Responsibility Report</a>
Our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report is now available.
Stewardship through Values
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New and Returning Choice Customers

For the most up to date pricing information, call 888-200-3788.

Agricultural customers, call ​888-710-4707.

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     ‭(Hidden)‬ Electric Reliability



    Natural Gas is Fueling the Future

    ​​View this short video from the American Gas Association to find out how clean-burning, energy-efficient natural gas is fueling the future for businesses and individuals.




    Call Before You Dig


    Whether you're working on a large excavation or simply planting a tree in your yard, natural gas and utility line safety should always be job one -- and that starts with calling 8-1-1 to have your utility lines marked. Make the call. It's easy, and free.