Lower your energy use and save money.




Residential and small business customers can receive rebates for choosing high-efficiency natural gas equipment. Your heating or plumbing professional can help you find the qualifying equipment that fits your needs.

Heating System Rebates

Heating System Rebates

$600 for forced-air furnaces. Additional $50 when your heating contractor installs a qualifying smart thermostat at the same time

Water Heater Rebates

Water Heater Rebates

$500 for tankless water heaters. Rebates available for tank water heaters for residential and small business installations

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Combination Heating System-Water Heater Rebate

$1,500 rebate for a qualifying high-efficiency furnace and tankless water heater installed at the same time.

Free Low Flow Showerheads and Faucet Aerators

Free Energy-Saving Showerheads and Faucet Aerators

Order up to three of each for your home.