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How has the partnership between the Houston Food Bank and CenterPoint Energy enabled this program to generate results beyond what each organization could otherwise achieve?

For the past 18 years, CenterPoint Energy partnered with the Houston Food Bank, leading the fight against hunger for Houstonians who struggle day-to-day to put food on the table.

The Houston Food Bank relies heavily on corporate financial contributions and volunteer support. Last year alone, the Food Bank provided 122 million nutritious meals to nearly 1,500 partner agencies in southeast Texas.

CenterPoint Energy has consistently demonstrated a strong corporate commitment to the greater Houston community through financial support and matching gifts, employee volunteer time, and event sponsorship efforts, providing 79,429 meals to our neighbors in need.

  • In 2010, CenterPoint assisted in the purchase and renovation of the Houston Food Bank’s current facility. This state-of-the-art facility has enabled the organization to become the largest food bank in the country in both size and distribution
  • Since 2013, CenterPoint Energy’s employees have volunteered 2,124 hours, packing meals for children, building boxes of food for seniors and sorting thousands of pounds of donated product for distribution to our partner agencies. In 2018 This past year, CenterPoint Energy supported 165 employees who volunteered their time at the Food Bank.
  • • In 2018, CenterPoint Energy sponsored the Food Bank’s 14th Annual Empty Bowls event, featuring hundreds of original, hand-crafted bowls created by local artists, ceramists and potters. Upwards of 700 people attended this event, purchasing empty bowls and an accompanying soup lunch. These donations provided nearly 300,000 meals to local children and families.

The ongoing partnership between CenterPoint Energy and the Houston Food Bank will continue to make long-lasting strides in the fight to end hunger in our community.

Please share a story or beneficiary testimonial that showcases how the program works and/or what positive effect it has had.

Sharon doesn’t fit the stereotypical profile of someone who needs the assistance of a food pantry. Now in her 60s, Sharon worked for a bank for nearly 20 years. Fluent in three languages, she put her skills to use working in International Collections for a bank. However, as the banking industry evolved over time, Sharon had a hard time finding steady work. Sharon had to depend on her retirement savings to adapt to a new job market. Sharon is now getting by solely on Social Security.

From October 2016 through October 2017, Sharon received assistance from the Houston Food Bank's food pantry. Living within a lower income level, she appreciates all the help she can get. Her experience, in her own words: “500%, it helps out a lot!” Sharon says the “quality of food is amazing” and her favorite items include hummus, Greek yogurt, and the mesquite barbeque salmon. Sharon says “[the pantry] has really made life a lot easier.”

Thanks to strong corporate partnerships with companies like CenterPoint Energy, Sharon can access healthy and nutritious food and rest easy knowing that her community will support her in times of need.

Houston Food Bank Volunteers

Houston Food Bank Volunteers