Safe and Smart​ is a gas safety education website that features Buddy Blue Flame​​™​ and his sidekick, Wanda Water Heater™, in an informative and interactive digital experience.

Designed for students of all ages, as well as parents and teachers, the website features activities, games and videos designed to increase awareness of natural gas concepts and how to be safe around natural gas. Additional information about energy conservation and careers in our industry also are available. The website is viewable on most mobile devices. 

Buddy Blue Flame​™ shares information for elementary students through downloadable activity sheets, including word scrambles and coloring pages that promote literacy and math skills, as well as teach about natural gas safety.

Wanda Water Heater™, Buddy's sidekick, has assembled interactive games for individuals as well as teams of students to compete in their classroom. From Buddy's Matching Mayhem game to Wanda's Quizzer game, students learn about natural resources, natural gas and conservation facts in a fun, entertaining way. 

Live action videos about key concepts related to natural gas reinforce learning and engage students in a different format. Videos are brief and promote classroom discussion at the end of each. 




​​ Electric Universe Logo Electric Universe is designed for educators, students and the general public to learn about electricity and other energy-related topics. The website is organized into different sections for different age groups. So enjoy exploring!

  • Louie's Space, geared for students in K through 5, introduces electricity and the concept of conductors. When students complete the reading and activities, they earn a Louie the Lightning Bug© certificate. Other Electric Universe sections offer additional games, coloring book pages, activities and movies featuring Louie as he teaches about safety.
  • New Frontiers, designed for students in grades 6 through 12, provides information about electrical safety, careers in electric utilities, power generation and the role electricity plays in daily life. This section includes instructions for an experiment involving temperature and containment.
  • Wise Energy Use teaches energy conservation, as well as how to protect the environment. A highlight of this section is the Power Bandit game, testing players on ways to conserve electricity in our homes.
  • Educators are invited to access Just for Teachers, which offers lesson plans and experiments, suggestions for classroom activities, an energy glossary and additional resources.
  • Power Plus offers additional details about safety around the home for adults.