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Clean up the clutter with My Account:

  • 24/7 access to all your account information anywhere and on any device.
  • No more storing and filing bills.  You can view or download 13-months of bills in PDF form.
  • Skip the paper clutter and go paperless.
  • Make paying your bill easy and convenient with AutoPay.
  • Sign up for helpful appointment and bill reminders.
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Balance Winter Bills with Average Monthly Billing

If you’re seeing higher winter energy bills as the temperatures dip lower, Average Monthly Billing can help you manage winter payment peaks. This free energy budget tool helps balance out your payments throughout the year, and you still only pay for the amount of natural gas you use.
Watch this short video to learn more about how you can get off the roller coaster of higher winter billing peaks. Enroll in Average Monthly Billing in My Account.

Get helpful energy use insights to understand and manage your bill with My Energy Analyzer

My Energy Analyzer, our free online tool, can help you better understand how your home uses energy and how that usage is reflected in your monthly energy bills. Spend a few minutes online and you’ll quickly see what percentage of your utility bill goes toward specific heating, cooling or appliance use. You’ll also get low- or no-cost home improvement ideas to further increase your energy efficiency, which can make a big difference in your bill, especially in colder weather.

Our short video tells you more about how My Energy Analyzer can shed more light on how your energy use impacts your budget and bills. 


Hot Tips for Cooler Weather

The chilly season is here. Be prepared with a few tips on how to save energy and money this winter. 

  • Dial your thermostat down to 65 F during the day and 58 F at night or when you will be gone for four hours or longer – or get a smart thermostat. 
  • Insulate warm air ducts and cold air returns that pass through cold areas. 
  • Water heaters account for about 18 percent of your energy use. Try setting the temp no higher than 120 F for comfort and efficiency. 

Discover more ways to save.
Weatherize your home and save money and energy

If you added together all the small cracks, crevices and holes in your home, you might find they let in as much cold air in winter as an open window. They also provide a route for warm air to escape. In warmer months, they can let cool air out.  Even if your home is well insulated, it’s important to stop heat or conditioned air loss and eliminate drafts caused by air leaks.

You can weatherize your home and substantially reduce air infiltration by caulking and weather stripping. It only takes a few relatively inexpensive materials and a little time, and the payback period is usually within one season. Learn how to weatherize your home with our free guide.


Stay out of hot water with these helpful tips

A properly operating, well-maintained water ​​heater provides the hot water you need quickly and efficiently. CenterPoint Energy has partnered with HomeServe USA to offer our customers a Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan to help protect you against the high cost of repairing or replacing your water heater.

Turn down the heat

  • Set the temperature to 120 F to help prevent accidental burns and save energy. Temperatures of 140 F or higher can be dangerous to children and the elderly. It takes just five seconds to receive a third-degree burn from 140 F water.
  • Befo​re adjusting the temperature on your water heater, be sure to read the instructions for your particular model.   

Keep flammables away

  • Keep the top of the tank free of dust, debris and flammable products such as paint, gasoline, solvents or adhesives. Also, never use these products near a water heater or any other natural gas or electric appliance because vapors from flammable liquids can ignite.
  • Older water heaters are not equipped with ignition-resistant technology, so they are more susceptible to flammable vapors. In the right conditions, flammable vapors can travel undetected along the floor aided by air vents.
  • Consider upgrading to a newer water heater, equipped with ignition-resistant and more energy-efficient technology. 
  • If your water heater’s in the same room as a clothes dryer, be sure to keep clothing articles away from the burner inlet, also remove any visible lint that may accumulate on the burn​er compartment inlet screen or door. Burner cleaning should be performed by a qualified technician. 

Special considerations for natural gas water heaters:

  • Flames: Natural gas appliance flames should always burn blue, not orange or yellow (with the exception of natural gas fireplace logs). If the flame is not blue, it may be a sign that the appliance needs adjusting or cleaning.

How Excess Flow Valves Can Help Protect Your Home or Business

Excess flow valves are devices that can be installed by CenterPoint Energy on your home’s or business’ natural gas service line (the underground line that runs from the main line to the meter).

  • Excess flow valves are designed to automatically activate and restrict natural gas flow when it exceeds prescribed limits, such as when a service line is damaged due to excavation or other similar activity. Excess flow valves are not able to protect against leaks beyond the meter assembly (i.e., your house piping).
  • These devices help prevent the buildup of gas — reducing the chance of natural gas fires and explosions, personal injury, and property damage. With or without an excess flow valve, these damages can be avoided by following the law and calling 811 (or your local One Call Center) to mark the location of underground utilities at least 48 hours (two working days) before excavation.
  • On existing service lines, it’s up to the customer (that’s you!) to choose to install one at your own expense. Costs can vary depending on how difficult the installation is, but most CenterPoint Energy customers can expect an average price of about $800. Once installed, there is no cost to the customer to maintain. Installation will occur on a mutually agreeable date.
  • Due to operating characteristics and limitations, in some instances, excess flow valves cannot be installed. Each situation will be evaluated upon request.
Are you curious if your home or business has an excess flow valve? Want to learn more about having one installed? Contact CenterPoint Energy or check out frequently asked questions​. 


A Great Year for Giving Back

We believe education, community development and health and human services are inextricably linked and critical to the sustainability of our communities. We also use relationships with our employees, elected officials, community and civic leaders, neighbors and others in these communities to assess areas of need. That is why we focus our charitable investments, volunteerism and other community-based activities on the nonprofit organizations and causes in these three core giving areas.

In 2019, our employees, retirees, family members and friends volunteered more than 146,000 hours, which equates to approximately $3.7 million in labor when calculated using the Independent Sector’s value of $25.43 for a volunteer hour.

Food Drives

Employees from Sinton, Texas, held a food drive benefitting the Sinton Food Bank.

Associates from the Sinton, Texas office organized a food drive for Taft Methodist Church’s food pantry. Pastor Scott Patton is appreciative of the donation and looks forward to helping local families.


3-Peat Win for CenterPoint Energy in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study

It’s all thanks to you! J.D. Power has ranked CenterPoint Energy #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Natural Gas Service in the South among Large Utilities, 3 Years in a Row. CenterPoint Energy achieved the highest score in the following study factors: price; and communications.

CenterPoint Energy strives to provide every customer with a variety of programs built to help make your life more comfortable, productive and enjoyable. You, our valued customers, are the reason we are being recognized with this award. We are humbled to continue to serve you and deliver energy, service and value every day.

The 2019 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 57,879 online interviews conducted from September 2018 through July 2019 among residential customers of the 84 largest natural gas utility brands across the United States, which represent more than 62 million households.

A Better Future for You Starts with Us

We are proud to deliver you natural gas to make your life more comfortable, productive and enjoyable. Our vision is to lead the nation in delivering energy, service and value, and our leadership is recognized. The American Gas Association (AGA) Board of Directors, elected CenterPoint Energy President and CEO Scott M. Prochazka as the Chair of the AGA Board of Directors for 2020. 

“Affordable, reliable natural gas service is essential to livable communities, prosperous local economies and practical carbon reduction,” said Prochazka. “America’s natural gas utilities are committed to reducing emissions by using our nation’s abundance of natural gas in a sustainable, environmentally responsible and safe way. I am proud to help lead AGA as we tell this important story to customers, policymakers and the millions of Americans who rely on affordable, efficient natural gas service in their homes and businesses.” 

“Scott is a recognized leader in our industry, and his guidance of our Board of Directors will be crucial as our industry continues to make great strides in the year ahead. I am eager to have him in this role and look forward to working together in raising the voice of natural gas and its critical role in our nation’s energy story,” said AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert. 


New HomeServe Electrical Surge plan now available

CenterPoint Energy is introducing a new plan from HomeServe that will protect our natural gas customers in Texas from an electrical surge, and it’s the first plan from HomeServe for both homeowners and renters. Replacing electrical products that are damaged due to a power surge can be expensive. With Electrical Surge from HomeServe, you will be protected if your valuable electric products fail as the result of an electrical surge. The plan is just $4.99 per month and provides up to $1,000 coverage annually.

Since we launched our partnership with HomeServe in 2018, CenterPoint Energy has brought plans from HomeServe to Texas gas customers including heating, cooling, electric, gas and plumbing. Since launching the plans, consumers just like you have saved more than $4.8 million in repair costs!

Sign up now online or get more information about the available plans for natural gas customers in Texas. You may also call the contact center at 1-833-273-4663.