Discover all that My Account can do for you! 

We’ve made a good thing even better.  In addition to a variety of helpful account services options, My Account lets you:

  • Manage one or multiple natural gas accounts from one screen
  • Add authorized users to your account
  • Create multiple contact points for appointment reminders and payment alerts

Break free from paper bills 

Go paperless for a simple, convenient and more secure way to view and pay your natural gas bill.  Just swap your paper bill for a monthly ebill and:

  • Get the same paper bill info you need without the paper clutter
  • Set up text or email payment alerts for everyone responsible for bill paying
  • Pay when you get the email, schedule a payment or set up AutoPay
Get all the paperless details.


Beat the furnace tune-up rush 

Fall is a great time to get your furnace tune-up. Not only will you be ready when the weather gets colder, you’re likely to have more flexible appointment times.

Help your furnace operate at maximum efficiency with a low-cost furnace tune-up. A tune-up not only ensures you’ll have heat when you need it, it’ll also help your furnace last longer and avoid costly breakdowns.

Act now and receive a $25 rebate when your heating service technician performs a qualifying tune-up. 

Get more furnace tune-up rebate details and don’t forget to check out the rest of our rebate programs.

Take control of your home’s energy efficiency

To help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, CenterPoint Energy offers a variety of complimentary energy-efficient showerheads and aerators. These are easily installed, and you can start saving energy and money and improving your home’s comfort for years to come.

Energy-saving tips to help you save energy and money

Low- or no-cost energy-saving tips that can help you save throughout your home this heating season!

  • Lower the thermostat by 10° F at night or when you’re away for at least eight hours, and you can potentially save 10 percent on your space heating costs.
  • Reducing the water heater temperature setting helps you save energy long-term because water heating accounts for approximately 18 percent of the average home’s energy use. Set your water temperature to no higher than 120° F for energy efficiency and comfort to prevent scalding.
  • Run your ceiling fan in reverse mode on a low-setting in the winter to move warm air that rises down and more evenly through a room.
  • Prevent air leaks by checking and repairing all cracked, separated or missing exterior caulking and weather stripping, especially around windows and entry doors, as well as checking roof and soffit vents for possible air-flow obstructions.
  • Buy foam gaskets and install them behind electrical outlets to seal air leaks.
  • Keep your home’s windows air-tight by simply locking your windows to tighten the seal which keeps your home’s warm air from leaking outside.
  • Clean or change your furnace filters regularly. A dirty furnace filter will slow down air flow, making the system work harder to keep you warm and costing you more money. 
Learn about all the ways you can be more energy efficient.

Trust the Dealer Circle 

When it’s time to replace your aging water heater or heating system with high-efficiency, money-saving models, turn to the Dealer Circle.

CenterPoint Energy offers our natural gas customers access to this free referral service, which can help you get the most out of your energy dollar. Contact participating heating dealers, or plumbers with your questions on purchasing, repairing or servicing new equipment, as well as with questions about natural gas products that qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate.

Find the Dealer Circle participant in your area.


What to do if you smell gas

The odor of rotten eggs is not pleasant and is highly distinctive, which is exactly why we add that smell to natural gas and why you need to take the following precautions when you smell it:

  • Leave immediately on foot.
  • If you’re outside and suspect a gas leak, leave immediately on foot in an upwind direction away from the leak and maintain a safe distance.
  • Do NOT flip a light switch, strike a match, smoke, or use a car, cell phone, generator, flashlight or anything that might cause a spark.
  • Do NOT turn off the gas meter or attempt to operate any pipeline valves.
  • Once you are safely away from the area, report possible gas leaks to 911 and CenterPoint Energy’s gas leak hotline at 888-876-5786.
Learn more at CenterPointEnergy.com/Safety.

Safety site is both educational and fun

Whether heating your home in winter or cooking your favorite meal, many families rely on natural gas each day.  CenterPoint Energy’s gas safety education website provides students, parents and teachers with activities, games and videos that foster learning about natural gas concepts and how to stay safe around natural gas.  The site also features Buddy’s Big Day, a digital story about natural gas safety that is great for elementary-aged students. View the story and be sure to check out the other games and activities on the site.


We’re helping out in your community

CenterPoint Energy’s annual United Way campaigns are in full swing across the states and communities we serve.  During our campaigns, our employees learn about their local United Way agencies and their work to meet community needs.  In addition, United Way Days of Caring are held in certain cities with our employees volunteering where they can.  For example, in Minneapolis, the Greater Twin Cities United Way Action Day attracted almost 80 employees, family members and friends to Target Field to help assemble 25,000 backpacks full of school supplies so students were prepared for their return to school.

Get ready for winter

Winter is around the corner, and if you, your neighbors or family are having a tough time paying your energy bills, or anticipate difficulty, we can help. CenterPoint Energy wants to ensure all our customers stay warm and comfortable this heating season. Find out how you can receive energy assistance or donate to funds that help others.


Your voice matters

We invite you to join our Feedback Forum to add your voice to how CenterPoint Energy serves you and other customers.

When you join, you’ll help CenterPoint Energy make important decisions about the services, products and communications that matter to you. We promise, we won’t ask you opinion too often – just a few times each year.

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