My Account is your multi-tasking wizard

Your home's important natural gas information can be managed easily through My Account. This one-stop "shop" lets you:

  • Pay, view, print and download your bill
  • Schedule payments and set up your payment preferences, including AutoPay
  • Add authorized users
  • Manage alerts
  • Set up billing preferences, including Average Monthly Billing, paperless billing and payment alerts
  • View your energy usage
  • And more!

Free yourself from paper bills

When you trade in your paper natural gas bill for a monthly e-bill, you gain convenience and more security. Plus, you can:

  • Set up text or email payment alerts for everyone responsible for bill paying
  • Get the same information you received on a paper bill without the unnecessary paper clutter
  • Pay when you want: when you get your e-bill, schedule a payment or for the ultimate in convenience, set up AutoPay

Get all the paperless bill details.


Put more energy efficiency into your hands 

CenterPoint Energy offers easy,  low-cost AND complimentary ways to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home through our DIY Home Efficiency program. Log on and choose the products you need the most to start saving energy and money while improving your home’s comfort today.

Some of the free items included in our DIY program include:

  • Showerheads
  • Aerators
  • Weatherstripping
  • Storm window kits
  • And more!

Winter is coming…. Beat the furnace tune-up rush

When you schedule your furnace tune-up in the early fall, you’ll not only be ready when winter comes, you’ll also have more options for appointment times.

Help your furnace operate at its most efficient with a low-cost furnace tune up and ensure you’ll have the heat you need when the temperature starts to fall. A tune-up also helps your furnace last longer and helps prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns.

Receive a $25 pre-paid Mastercard® rebate when your heating service technician performs a qualifying tune-up. And, be sure to check out our other available rebates.

Take a few tips from us to save energy and money

Saving energy and money in your home does not have to be hard. Take some time now, before heating season begins, to improve the energy-efficiency in your home with a few low- or no-cost steps.

  • Lower the thermostat by 10° F at night or when you are away for at least eight hours and you can potentially save 10 percent on your space heating costs.
  • Reduce your water heater temperature to no higher than 120° F. This setting not only improves your energy efficiency, but it’s also comfortable and can help prevent scalding. Water heating accounts for about 18 percent of an average home’s energy use. Lowering water heater temperature to the recommended setting can help you save energy and money.
  • Run your ceiling fan in reverse mode on a low-setting in the winter as this helps move warm air that rises down and spreads it more evenly throughout a room.
  • Prevent air leaks when you spend a few minutes to check and repair all cracked, separated or missing exterior caulking and weatherstripping, especially around windows and entry doors. Be sure to also check roof and soffit vents for possible air-flow obstructions.
  • Buy foam gaskets and install them behind your electrical outlets to help seal air leaks.
  • Lock your windows. Tightening this seal helps keep your home air-tight and helps prevent warm air from leaking outside.
  • Clean or change your furnace filter regularly. A dirty furnace filter slows down air flow and makes your system work harder than it needs to, which costs more money and wastes energy.
Learn more energy-efficiency tips


Hit “Play” for quick safety information

Take a few minutes to watch some important safety videos.

Think you smell a natural gas leak? Here’s what to do

  • Immediately leave the area on foot in an upwind direction away from the leak or vapor cloud. Maintain a safe distance and warn others to stay away from the leak!
  • Seek help from local authorities. Call 911 immediately.
  • Notify CenterPoint Energy right away. Call 800-296-9815 and give your name, location and description of the leak. Save this number on your cell phone to have it handy.
  • Use a cell phone near the suspected area
  • Create any sparks or heat sources that could ignite escaping gas
  • Start a car, turn switches on or off, or light a match or cigarette
  • Attempt to operate any pipeline valves
  • Drive into or near a leak or vapor cloud
  • Go into a leak or vapor cloud to turn off equipment
Learn more about what to do if you smell gas.


We are united to make an impact on our communities

CenterPoint Energy has kicked off our 2019-2020 United Way campaign across the country. Our employees are proud supporters of the United Way, which goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in our communities by improving lives, tackling key social issues and making a positive difference in the quality of life for those in need.  Plus, CenterPoint Energy matches our employees’ personal contributions of $50 to $5,000 to double our impact.

Sixty-seven CenterPoint Energy employees, including Beth Brown (on the left), a Community Relations specialist in Minneapolis, stuffed 40,000 backpacks with school supplies for low-income students in Minneapolis, MN. Beth Brown encourages participation in the United Way campaign because “You are helping your neighbors gain access to food, health care, education and more.”

Winter bills overwhelming? We can help.

If you, your family or neighbors are anticipating having a tough time paying your energy bills this heating season, we are here to help. CenterPoint Energy wants to ensure our customers stay warm and comfortable all year-round. Learn more about available energy assistance or how to donate to funds that can help out others who may be in need.

It’s Cold Weather Rule season

The State of Minnesota established the Cold Weather Rule to help customers who cannot pay their natural gas bill in full in our often-harsh winter heating season. While it does not completely stop winter disconnections, it can provide customers extra protection from Oct. 15 through April 15.

Learn about your rights and responsibilities.


Grill Like a Boss: Keep the entries coming to win!

By now, both your favorite college and NFL football teams have kicked off their 2019 seasons, and your tailgating season has officially begun! Your team may not have a winning record, but you always bring the winning food to the tailgate party. We want to help you keep your record and grill like a boss by giving you a chance to win a set of grilling utensils. Enter to win at CenterPointEnergy.com/GrillBoss

These people won. You can too!

So far, we’ve helped six people Grill Like a Boss:

  • Wendy, a Razorbacks fan from Arkansas
  • Chris, a Mississippi State University Bulldogs fan from Mississippi
  • Kristi, a Texans fan from Houston
  • Brian, a Colts fan from Indiana.
  • Daniel, a Vikings fan from Minnesota
  • Janetta, a Cowboys fan from Texas
How can you Grill like a boss?

You can find grilling tips and recipes from other entrants on our site. Check out our Customer Grill Tips and Recipes. Think you have a winning recipe or grill tip? Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win at CenterPointEnergy.com/GrillBoss.

Congrats Minnesota, YOU’ve saved a lot of energy

Taking steps to conserve energy can make a huge impact – immediately and over time. Here’s just a few facts to shed light on just how much energy efficiency can make a difference. Over the last 25 years, through our energy efficiency programs, Minnesota CenterPoint Energy customers:

  • Reduced the same amount of CO2 emissions as used by the number of trees in 13.2 million acres of Minnesota’s forests in one year.
  • Reduced the same CO2 emissions as 12.3 billion pounds of coal burned. That’s the same weight as the weight of 532 years’ worth of apples grown in MN.
  • Reduced the same CO2 emissions it would take to drive the Twin Cities I-494/694 loop 390 million times