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Customers to see change in November natural gas bill

In August 2017, CenterPoint Energy asked the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to increase its rate for utility distribution service.  A settlement agreement was filed in March and the MPUC approved the settlement, resulting in an increase of approximately 0.5 percent. Under the final order the Monthly Basic Charge for residential customers remains at $9.50 and the per therm Delivery Charge will increase from $0.20648 to $0.21036.

New rates will vary by customer

The changes will affect your individual monthly bills differently, depending on natural gas use and customer class. The effect on an average residential customer’s bill (use of approximately 890 therms per year) will increase about $0.27 per month, or $3 per year. Bills will vary because the wholesale cost of natural gas changes each month.

Refunds to be applied in November

State law allowed CenterPoint Energy to collect interim rates while the MPUC considered the rate case. Because the final rate increase is less than the interim rate increase, the difference, with interest, will be refunded. A typical residential customer’s refund will be about $38. Bills will be adjusted beginning in November 2018.

Learn more about new rates.


Don’t miss out on rebate savings

Saving money on energy-efficient appliances and measures is easy when you take advantage of the many rebates offered by CenterPoint Energy. You’ll not only save on your initial purchase price, but by installing energy-efficient appliances and taking steps to increase your energy efficiency throughout your home, you’ll continue to save for years with lower natural gas bills.  

Get all the details on these money-saving rebates:

Energy Saving Tips

Saving money and improving your energy efficiency is easy when you take small steps to make a big difference throughout your home. Here’s a few tips to remember for heating season:

  • Check the filter and change it each month or according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Save an average of 15 percent on annual energy costs when you upgrade your home’s insulation and seal air leaks in attics and other primary heat loss areas.
  • A new, efficient heating system can save you up to 20 percent per year in heating costs. If your forced-air furnace or boiler is more than 20 years old, consider replacing it with a high-efficiency natural gas model.
  • Keep your home’s windows as air-tight as possible by simply locking your windows to tighten the seal which keeps your home’s warm air from leaking outside.

Check out the many other ways you can start to save energy easily and economically.

You’ll also see our rebate program promoted on television ads in your area. Check it out.


Apply these safety tips to your natural gas appliances

  • Natural gas ranges: Never use your natural gas range for space heating, as this can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) to build up in your home or building.
  • Natural gas water heaters: Set your water heater temperature to 120 F (low or warm). Setting your water heater at 140 F or higher creates a potential danger, especially to children and the elderly. It takes just five seconds to receive a third-degree burn from 140 F water. Always feel the water before bathing or showering.
  • Natural gas grills: Never use your natural gas grill inside a garage, enclosed porch or directly below low eaves or overhangs.
  • Natural gas dryers: Remove any lint or obstruction from your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct, vent and hood cover (outside the house) periodically by vacuum and have your dryer ducts cleaned by a licensed professional if clogged. Lint can be highly flammable.
  • Natural gas heating systems: Be sure a qualified, licensed and bonded technician checks your heating system and natural gas fireplace annually.

Hit play for quick safety information

Take a few minutes to watch some important safety information.

Natural gas leaks: safety procedures and steps to take

How to recognize a natural gas leak:

  • Look for signs of a possible leak, either bubbling in standing water, discolored or dead vegetation around the pipeline area, dense white cloud or fog, slight mist or ice, unexplained frozen ground near pipeline.
  • Listen for any unusual noise, such as hissing.
  • Smell any distinctive, strong odor, often compared to rotten eggs or sulfur.

Report a gas leak:

  • 800-296-9815
  • Please do not report gas leaks by email or social media

What to do if you smell natural gas:

  • Step 1 – Leave immediately on foot!
  • Step 2 – Go directly to a safe location and call both 911 and CenterPoint Energy.
  • Step 3 – Alert your neighbors.

CenterPoint Energy wants YOU to Stay Safe and Smart!

Safe and Smart is a fun, interactive website for students of all ages, parents and teachers to learn about natural gas. It features safety tips by age -- from elementary through teens – as well as videos, activity sheets and games that increase awareness of natural gas concepts and how to be safe around it.  Additional information about energy conservation and careers in the energy industry is also available. 

Check out our fun-to-visit site to learn where natural gas comes from, how it is used and how to be safe and smart around it.


We’re working in and for your community

As a company and as employees, CenterPoint Energy is committed to making a positive difference in the communities we touch. Lending a helping hand is a strong part of our company culture, and we are proud to be a responsible corporate citizen. Our key focus areas include education, community development and health and human services.

Each year we publish a Corporate Responsibility Report detailing the work we do to make the communities we serve stronger. You can also find out more about what we’re doing in and around your community.


We want to hear from you. Really, we do!

We invite your feedback about how we are serving you and ways we can serve you better. Here are a couple of ways you can reach out and let us know how we’re doing.

  • Feedback Forum: Join our online customer market research community and give your insights into how we can better serve you. We promise we will only reach out a few times each year! Join today.
  • Social media: Be sure to follow us on any or all of our social media channels for tips, tools and news you can use to help you manage your energy dollars and stay safe.