Learn to lower winter heating bills

It’s time to spring clean that paper clutter

If you’ve hopped on the clutter-clearing bandwagon – saying “goodbye” to things that no longer bring you joy, consider getting rid of your paper bills as well.

When you choose paperless billing, you’ll receive all the billing information you need online and with less clutter. View your gas usage, daily average temperature and days in billing period (which can help you compare bills) as well as your payment and billing history and more.

Text and email payment alerts can be set up when and how you’d like them.

  • Pay when you get your email
  • Schedule a payment
  • Set up AutoPay
  • Pay in person
Clearing up the clutter is easy. Learn more, register or sign in today.

Moving or Remodeling?

Springtime move or remodel in the works? We can help!

If you have plans to remodel your home or even to move to a new one soon, CenterPoint Energy has online resources and information to help make your move or upgrade easier.

Tips to help you save money

Invest wisely in your home’s comfort

In general, natural gas appliances use less energy and are less costly to operate than their electric counterparts. And, they are the best choice for the environment and for meeting indoor air quality and comfort needs. Time after time, natural gas outperforms other fuels for:

Plus, natural gas is an excellent fuel for outdoor appliances, such as for beautiful outdoor lights, convenient gas grills, efficient pool heaters and more.

Save money and lower your energy use

Our money-saving programs and rebates are designed to help your budget and benefit the environment.

Tips you can use

  1. Reducing the temperature setting on your water heater helps you save long-term because water heating accounts for approximately 18 percent of the average home’s energy use. Set your water temperature to no higher than 120 F for efficiency and comfort, and to prevent scalding.

  2. When washing clothes, use warm or cold water instead of hot and save up to 50 percent on the cost of water heating.

Keep the cold at bay

Minnesota’s experienced what seems to be an endless winter. You can take some easy, do-it-yourself steps to improve your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home this “sprinter” and be better prepared for next winter with a variety of free products, including:

  • Rope caulk for sealing around doors and windows
  • High-performance weather stripping
  • Window film (3-pack)
  • And much more.
Plus, we’ve made several models of Wi-Fi enabled and learning thermostats available at a greatly reduce price! 

Take a quick look at your energy use and save

Set aside less than 10 minutes and you might be able to quickly save money and energy. My Energy Analyzer is a free, online energy analysis tool to help you better understand your household’s energy use and identify easy ways to save. Log on today and you’ll:

  • Get customized energy efficiency tips for your home.
  • Learn about cost-effective solutions for lowering your bill.
  • Understand where your home’s energy dollars are going.
  • Learn about other factors that may affect your bill such as weather and energy-efficient appliances.
Simply register for or sign into My Account to learn more about your energy usage and how you can reduce it and save money.

Prevent ice dams next winter

If you had the unfortunate experience of an ice dam this exceptionally snowy winter, be sure to tuck these tips away before the flakes fall again. Ice dams can form when inadequate attic insulation and air sealing allow heat from inside a home to escape into the attic. This creates warm spots under the roof that melt the snow on a home’s roof and cause running water to refreeze at a lower point, creating a dam. Water can then leak into the home and cause damage to walls, ceilings and insulation.

Since the basic cause of an ice dam is a warm roof, the solution is to maintain a cold roof. You can do this by taking three steps:

  1. Seal bypasses
  2. Insulate your attic
  3. Ventilate your attic
Earn a rebate of up to $500 when you make qualifying upgrades to the attic or exterior walls of your home. Plus, you’ll improve your comfort and lower your utility bills. Air sealing and insulation rebate details.

Carbon monoxide safety tips

Here’s the scoop – April is Safe Digging Month

With warmer weather approaching, spring spruce-up and digging projects are soon to be in full-swing. Whether you’re planting new trees, installing gardens, remodeling or adding a swing set to the backyard, be sure to call 811, the nationwide Call Before You Dig number, at least two working days BEFORE you dig. It’s a free service. Underground utilities will be marked by professional locators with flags or spray paint at no cost to you. Respect these marks and dig with care!

A simple strike to a phone, cable, gas or electric underground line can cause injury, repair costs, fines and outages. No matter how large or small, every digging project requires a call to 811 – it’s the law! Be sure to encourage your friends and neighbors to visit call811.com for more information about the Call Before You Dig process.

Pipeline Safety

Keep pipeline precautions in mind

You most likely live or work near pipelines but probably never even notice them during your daily routine, as most are located underground. Pipeline markers are there to help identify a line’s approximate location and can be found anywhere a pipeline crosses a street, highway or railway. Pipeline markers display the material transported in the line, the name of and emergency contact number for the pipeline operator.

It’s important to know that markers are not a guarantee of the exact location of pipelines, which do not always run a straight course between markers. While all precautions are taken to ensure safety, pipeline emergencies can and do happen from damage, leaks, a fire or explosion near or involved with a pipeline, or even a natural disaster.


  • Look: Do you see persistent bubbling in standing water or discolored vegetation where it shouldn’t be?
  • Listen: Do you hear a hissing or roaring sound?
  • Smell: Do you smell sulfur or rotten eggs in the area?

  • Immediately leave the area on foot in an upwind direction away from the leak or vapor cloud. Maintain a safe distance and warn others to stay away from the leak!
  • Seek help from local authorities. Call 911 immediately.
  • Notify CenterPoint Energy right away. Call 800-296-9815 and give your name, location and description of the leak. Save this number on your cell phone to have it handy.

  • Use a cell phone near the suspected area
  • Create any sparks or heat sources that could ignite escaping gas
  • Start a car, turn switches on or off or light a match or cigarette
  • Attempt to operate any pipeline valves
  • Drive into or near a leak or vapor cloud
  • Go into a leak or vapor cloud to turn off equipment
Learn more about what to do if you smell gas.

Clogged Sewer

Call before clearing a clogged sewer

When spring arrives, so do contractors working on excavation and building projects. Occasionally, during this type of work, a sewer blockage can happen, potentially creating a hazardous situation when natural gas and sewer lines intersect underground. For your safety, CenterPoint Energy encourages the following measures:

  • If a block occurs, do NOT try to drill through it. CenterPoint Energy WARNS customers and plumbing contractors against trying to drill through it. Contact us so that we can locate underground natural gas facilities to help prevent potential damage and gas leaks.
  • If the location marks indicate (or if you suspect) a natural gas line may have crossed a sewer line, contact a qualified professional plumber or sewer contractor for a sewer line inspection. They have cameras specifically designed to inspect the inside of a sewer line.
If a plumber or contractor discovers an issue with a natural gas line, we’ll work closely with that professional to resolve the issue. We are available to help 24/7.

As always, call 811 BEFORE any digging project to ensure your underground utilities are marked properly. Learn more about clogged sewer safety.

Carbon monoxide safety tips

We’re building a strong community with neighborhood partners

CenterPoint Energy celebrates National Volunteer Week each April to highlight the many individuals who have committed to strengthening our community through their service. In 2018, 55 percent of our employees volunteered, donating more than 112,000 hours of time (valued at more than $2.8 million) toward a wide variety of nonprofit initiatives that focus on community development, health, human services, education and more, including:

  • March of Dimes’ March for Babies
  • United Way
  • Blood drives
  • Natural gas safety fairs
  • Holiday programs
  • Habitat for humanity
  • Junior Achievement
  • Education programs
Learn more about our commitment to the communities we serve

Spring volunteer activity updates

  • March is MN Food Share month: Each March, Minnesota FoodShare directs the largest food drive in the state, restocking approximately 300 food shelves across Minnesota.

    In 2018, Minnesota CNP employees sold treat bags, held food fundraisers, including a friendly chili competition, and collected cash donations and nonperishable food items. More than $8,500 in monetary donations and the company match were donated. 

  • 2019 Bee Run/Walk and River Cleanup: CenterPoint Energy is volunteering for and helping to sponsor this Earth Day 5K on Sat., April 20 from 9 a.m. – noon (river cleanup begins at 9:30 a.m.) The fun run, which takes place along the Minneapolis riverfront, beginning and ending in Boom Island Park, is also a partnership with the National Park Service and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Get details and register to participate.

Your customer service champion

Let us know how we’re doing 

At CenterPoint Energy, we work hard to ensure your experiences with us are positive ones. If someone has provided excellent service to you or your experience was particularly good, please let us know. Of course, we always welcome your input on how we can improve our service to you as well! Following is just one of the comments we’ve recently received from our social media outlets.

"We have carried Home Service Plus for probably around 10 years — BEST thing we have ever done! They have saved us numerous times from appliance failure and we have purchased and replaced a few items with CenterPoint as well. The technicians have always been pleasant and knowledgeable. A+" Luann H. — Google Review

CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus is the state's largest provider of major appliance maintenance and repair services, as well as replacement heating and cooling equipment. Trust us for your energy efficient heating and cooling products, appliance maintenance plans, and repair needs. 

Arctic temps didn’t stop employees from delivery quality service

Minnesota’s recent polar vortex brought record-setting cold to the region, creating multiple challenges at a time when being outside for even just a few minutes was dangerous. Many employees worked long hours to secure an ample supply of natural gas, maintain the system’s ability to deliver to our customers and repair and maintain thousands of heating units.

We are proud of the prompt, considerate and outstanding service our employees provided during this bone-chilling week.

  • Our system set a record on Jan. 29, when we delivered 1.49 billion cubic feet BCF of natural gas compared to 1.40 BCF delivered on Jan. 5, 2017
  • Employees faced many challenges but they handled 9,658 repair and maintenance jobs over a frigid four-day period compared to 6,775 in the same period in 2018
  • Six propane air peak shaving facilities, liquefied natural gas and LNG and underground storage facilities supplied enough gas to keep customers comfortable, warm and happy.
  • Call volume to our customer service center and to HSP was nearly doubled from the previous record-setting period.