Celebrate freedom from clutter with paperless billing

You can free yourself from paperwork and clutter and add more convenience to your life when you sign up for Paperless Billing. Enroll today and:

  • Get an email when your bill is ready to view and pay.
  • Choose how you want to pay - online, by phone, automatically or at a payment center.
  • Add text or email payment alerts for an extra nudge.
  • Access up to 13 months of previous bills online.

Don’t let a gas line repair impact your budget

Your natural gas line and any damage to it – from the meter up to each gas appliance inside or outside your home – may be your financial responsibility. A gas line repair can cost hundreds of dollars in unplanned expenses and basic homeowners insurance typically does not cover repairs due to normal wear and tear.

At CenterPoint Energy, we are always looking for ways to help you with new ways to protect your home – and budget – from the high cost and hassle of unexpected home repairs. You can now choose to protect your gas line and finances with Gas Line Coverage for just $5.49 per month.

Gas Line Coverage* includes:

  • Up to $8,000 in coverage (30-day wait period with a money-back guarantee)
  • A 24/7/365 hotline for when the unexpected happens
  • $0 deductible

We selected HomeServe to offer you optional home repair protection plans. HomeServe provides valuable coverage options, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and provides excellent customer service.

We will be rolling out additional new plans over the next several months and are proudly investing in our communities by using local contractors to serve you quickly and thoroughly.

Our partner, HomeServe, employs Houston-based small businesses and contractors to serve you quickly and thoroughly. Local regional operations managers help maintain a 99% post-service satisfaction rating by overseeing contractor performance and ensuring all work is performed to high standards and in compliance with local codes.

*Coverage subject to exclusions, terms and conditions


Natural gas benefits you every day in many ways

Natural gas provides many benefits– some you notice every day and some you don’t even think about. Natural gas is:

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Domestic
  • Abundant
  • Comfortable
  • Efficient

Take a moment to view this brief video from the American Gas Association to learn more about how natural gas helps you every day.

Give your budget a boost with natural gas equipment

Saving money and energy with energy-efficient equipment not only makes good environmental sense, it also boosts your budget. 

You can save money today and for years to come when you install energy-efficient natural gas equipment, such as water heaters, heating systems and more. Natural gas appliances generally use less energy and cost less to operate than their electric counterparts. Time after time, natural gas has been found to outperform other fuels for jobs such as:

​ ​

It’s time – be prepared for hurricane season

Your safety is important to us! Take some time to prepare for storm season.

View natural gas safety tips and learn how CenterPoint Energy restores power after a storm.

Power Alert Service gives you more control in an outage

While storms and power outages can truly impact your life, CenterPoint Energy has a service that can give you more peace of mind. Our free Power Alert Service® (PAS) can notify you, friends and family of an outage, how restoration is progressing and when your electric power is back on.

And, now you can send alerts to up to 15 contacts (five text contacts, five emails and five phone numbers) to each electric account you manage.

If you already have an existing PAS account, be sure to log in to confirm and update your contact information. Not already enrolled? Here’s how.

Generate comfort in an outage

While our Power Alert Service can keep you informed about the status of an outage, a natural gas generator can help eliminate the discomfort. Purchase a natural gas generator and put the power back in your hands. Eliminate the discomfort and inconvenience of unexpected power outages and secure 24/7 automatic back-up power protection for your home and family. Now, you can enjoy up to $1,500 off a natural gas generator from participating dealers. 

Stay safe around pipeline markers

Most of us live and work near natural gas pipelines that deliver fuel to our homes and businesses, so knowing their locations is very important before you dig to help prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Since most pipelines are buried underground, pipeline markers are used to indicate their approximate location. They cannot be relied upon to indicate the exact position of the pipeline. The markers can be found where a pipeline intersects a street, highway or railway. The most common pipeline markers are shown. They display operator information, type of product and an emergency contact number.

Know what’s below. Always call 811 before any digging project.


Read with Buddy Blue Flame

If you’re looking for new reading ideas, check out our Buddy’s Big Day digital story about natural gas safety. This interactive CenterPoint Energy site offers educational and entertaining stories, games, tips and activities – all geared around natural gas safety. The site can be viewed on most mobile devices.

Visit CenterPointEnergy.com/SafeandSmart for more fun activities.


CenterPoint Energy is #1 in customer satisfaction and more

Thank you for putting your trust in us. We work hard to provide value and customer satisfaction to our customers and you’ve noticed! According to the 2018 annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for energy utilities, CenterPoint Energy ranks first in customer satisfaction, perceived value and in customers’ trust of the utility.

ACSI is one of the oldest and most highly regarded industry satisfaction studies which publishes annual customer satisfaction results for more than 300 companies across 46 industries and 10 economic sectors based on roughly 180,000 customer interviews.

Spotlight shines on Heroes of Harvey

Our ad series in the Sunday print and web edition of the Houston Chronicle continues to shine a light on the many individuals who helped during and after Hurricane Harvey. Readers are weighing in and saying that they’re benefitting from learning new information about their electric and natural gas services and about CenterPoint Energy, as the company that delivers it.

The series runs through Aug. 21. Upcoming topics include:

  • How we’re helping homeowners remodel or rebuild with energy efficiency in mind
  • Advantages of a new home built to our High Efficiency Homes™ program specifications
  • CenterPoint Energy’s support for community and employee relief and recovery efforts
  • A recap of our "mutal assistance" electric service restoration work in Puerto Rico.

We love to hear from you

A few comments from our customers on Twitter and Facebook regarding our Power Alert Service:

"My husband and I had discussed what a great idea Power Alert Service is and how well it worked.  We usually wait to see if it’ll come back on and before we decided to call, we already received a text stating you knew about the lack of electricity." 

"I absolutely love this alert notification system, so happy it was implemented!! This is not the 1st time I have been contacted using the system and I really appreciate the updates I get!! Thank you so much!"

"You all do an outstanding job w communicating during outages!!  It is very much appreciated by your customers. Thank you!!!!"