Corporate Giving

Application Process

Proposals are accepted May 1 - May 31 for possible inclusion in the next calendar year budget.

  • If your organization operates in the states of AR, LA, MN, MS or OK - Charitable giving requests accepted by invitation only.
  • However, if it is outside of our application period, or your organization is based in AR, LA, MN, MS or OK, you may submit a grant cover sheet, W-9 form and brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to determine if your program fits our funding priorities.
  • Your LOI should be no more than 2 pages and include a brief summary of your organization, a brief description of the project for which you are seeking funding, and the amount requested. Once the LOI is reviewed, we might request a full proposal for the next application period or let you know that your request was declined.

Learn more by reading our Charitable Contributions Guidelines.

Proposal Narrative​

If you are asked to submit a full proposal, please provide the following information in narrative form in this order.  Five pages or less is recommended, excluding attachments.

Organizational Information

  • Brief summary of organization history, mission and goals.
  • Description of current programs, activities, service statistics, and strengths/accomplishments.
  • Organization's relationship with other organizations that are working to meet the same needs or providing similar services. Please explain how you differ from these agencies.
  • Number of board members, full-time paid staff, part-time paid staff, and volunteers.
  • Is there a broad base of support for the program you are proposing?
  • Have you formed partnerships to help meet your goals?

Purpose of Grant

  • Situation—the opportunity, problem, issue, need in the community--that your proposal addresses.
  • Specific activities for which you seek funding, overall goal(s), and timeframe.​


  • ​How you will measure the effectiveness of your activities.

Required Attachments

  • ​A copy of your current IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status
  • Board of directors list including names and affiliations
  • Annual report, if available, or other material summarizing organization’s activities
  • Current year’s itemized operating revenue and expense budget for the organization
  • Most recently audited financial statements
  • A list of major corporate and foundation donors that you are soliciting for funding with dollar amounts, indicating which sources are committed, pending, or anticipated
  • A list of staff, including names and phone numbers and affiliations

Contact Information

Send proposals to:
CenterPoint Energy
Diane Englet
P.O. Box 1700
Houston, TX 77251


In addition to making charitable contributions to non-profit organizations, the company also participates in select brand sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsorships that include advertising elements are evaluated by Corporate Communications primarily for media efficiency and brand compliance. 

Circulation for print and outdoor/signage and ratings points for broadcast media are the major considerations when determining values of an event/opportunity. Special consideration is given to those organizations or media sponsorships that promote the focus areas outlined above.

Advertising/Branding contact:
John Ward
Corporate Communications 612-321-4955​