Special Notice as of 3/25/20

CenterPoint Energy will implement social distancing for approx. the next month

CNP will postpone utility work that otherwise requires working inside customer homes

If you smell natural gas inside or outside your home, please call CenterPoint Energy’s Emergency line at 612-372-5050. 

Due to concerns over COVID-19, also called coronavirus, CenterPoint Energy will be postponing work activity, such as meter replacement or moving of meters, that requires entry into our customers’ homes or buildings. Here are some of the following aspects you can expect from the crews:

  • Projects that involve the replacement of gas mains and service lines will continue. CenterPoint Energy will not interrupt gas service and will not perform work that is normally done inside customers’ homes (i.e. connecting new meters to customers’ gas pipes).
  • Work that would normally take place inside a home or building will be suspended at this time.
  • Work involving natural gas mains and service lines will continue to take place in their respective areas such as the street, sidewalk and soft surfaces.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to continue our values of safety. For any questions, please reference our CenterPoint Energy memo below and/or contact one of the following resources:

  • Communications Specialist at 612-321-5546

Minnesota Construction Projects​​

CenterPoint Energy works hard to improve and modernize natural gas pipelines and distribution mains th​roughout several neighborhoods in its service territories.

Projects in Your Area​

View project site information, maps, detour routes and more about projects near you.​

​​Why is Construction Necessary?​

  • New pipeline segments and system upgrades are needed to help maintain safety and reliability. 
  • The new piping segments and upgrades are installed with the most current construction standards and requirements, and are designed to facilitate a cost-effective, ongoing inspection process required for all natural gas pipelines. 

What Should I Expect?​​​

  • You will see CenterPoint Energy and our contractors working on the pipeline in your neighborhood. 
  • Construction time will vary depending on the size of the property and the specific construction obstacles encountered. 
  • Construction activities will include: grading (land slope adjustment), excavation of a trench, welding and installation of the pipe, backfilling of the trench with soil and final restoration of the disturbed area with top soil and seed, or asphalt. 

Construction Definitions:

  • Natural gas main: A distribution line that services as a common source of supply for at least one natural gas service line.
  • Natural gas service lines: Service line means a distribution line that transports gas from a common source of supply to an individual customer, to two adjacent or adjoining residential or small commercial customers, or to multiple residential or small commercial customers serviced through a meter header or manifold. A service line ends at the outlet of the customer meter or at the connection to a customer’s piping, whichever is further downstream, or at the connection to customer piping if there is no meter. A customer meter is the meter that measures the transfer of gas from an operator to a consumer.
  • Gas meters: An instrument for measuring and indicating or recording the volume of natural gas that passes through it. A gas meter is a device that measures the gas usage by the customer.
  • Sewer lateral locating​: A sewer lateral is customer piping that connects the property’s sewer to the city’s sanitary sewer system or private septic system.
  • Restoration​: Construction activity that returns property to former condition, whether it is the road or yard, at the completion of a construction project or as weather permits. 

CenterPoint Energy understands that constructio​​n activity of this sort can be inconvenient to people living and working in the area.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to complete the project as safely as possible in a reasonable time frame.​​​​​​​​​