​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Replacement Filters From The Experts​​​

It shouldn't be a hassle to get filters for furnaces and other appliances, so CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus (HSP) partnered with Discount Filter Store to get you special discounts.

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Furnace Filters

Skip the Trip - Order Filters from Home

Through our new partnership with Discount Filter Store, we're pleased to offer special discounts for CenterPoint Energy customers from the largest selection of name-brand filters online:

  • A/C and furnace filters
  • Pools and spa filters
  • Water system filters
  • Refrigerator filters
  • And more…​

Never worry about paying too much - HSP customers get special discounts and price matching. Enjoy a variety of payment options and "100% No Hassle Guarantees." Visit HSP's Discount Filter Store page to access the current offer.

Do you replace your furnace filter every month?

Dirty furnace filters are the top reason for furnace breakdowns. Dirty filters also make your furnace less effective and more expensive to operate. Don't forget, your furnace also works during the summer, to support your AC unit - so changing filters year round is important.

Here's how to replace your furnace filter:

  1. hut off the power to your furnace.
  2. Locate the blower compartment (where most furnace filters are found)
  3. Slide out the old filter and replace it with a new one (be sure flow arrows point towards the furnace or blower).

You typically get your furnace filter in just 1-2 business days from the Discount Filter Store. Returns and exchanges are easy, with free shipping.