Why Natural Gas? Why Now? Webinar Nov. 13, 2013
Today, we have an abundance of clean, dependable, reliable and domestically available natural gas. This energy is cleaner and less expensive than other fossil fuels or purchasing electricity. During this webinar, attendees learned about their businesses can save money, increase their competitive advantage, improve energy reliability and benefit the environment with this home-grown source of energy.

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Natural Gas Vehicle Webinar - 2/12/2013 
Natural gas vehicles are fast becoming an ever-increasing option for many fleets. Find out more about whether this clean-burning, energy-efficient fuel is the right choice for your operation. Our webinar featured experts in the natural gas industry who discussed a variety of aspects about natural gas as an alternative vehicle fuel, including:

  • Station design and costs
  • What to consider before switching to natural gas vehicles
  • Identifying fleets and use times (time- vs. fast-fill)
  • Conversion options and associated costs

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Humidity Control Webinar -  10/15/2012
Proper humidity control is the key to good indoor air quality and energy conservation. This free one-hour webinar will discuss natural gas-fired humidification and dehumidification technologies and how maintaining proper humidity levels can improve comfort and productivity, while helping provide a healthy work environment.
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2012 Natural Gas Air Conditioning Webinar - 6/5/2012 
If you missed the presentation, or wish to keep a copy of it, we've made the presentation available for download, so you can learn more about how cooling your facility with natural gas is beneficial to your bottom line and for the environment. 
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Bring Natural Gas Vehicles to Your Fleet - 4/19/2012
Gain understanding of the process required to deliver a quality compressed natural gas product and be able to better discern and evaluate product proposals you receive.

Westport Innovations is currently recognized as the authority for gaseous fuels and works closely with global top manufacturers to integrate their technology into robust, reliable, and cost effective systems for virtually every transportation sector-from forklifts, delivery vans, and buses to long haul trucks, railroad locomotives, and mine haul trucks.

Natural Gas Foodservice Webinar - 10/18/2011
Delivering the best food possible as efficiently as possible is the cornerstone of every successful foodservice operation. This webinar, focusing on natural gas convection, steam, and combi ovens, includes information on equipment operation and maintenance guidelines, environmental benefits and operating cost savings by using natural gas, and available CenterPoint Energy foodservice equipment rebates.
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Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Webinar- 4/28/2011
This webinar, focused on how natural gas vehicles represent a practical solution for improving fleet economics while reducing harmful emissions. With high gasoline and diesel prices, businesses are looking for ways to control fuel costs and to drive green. The webinar explored cost-saving comparisons and payback, light- and heavy-duty vehicle options, fueling options (CNG and LNG), station types and case studies. 
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Boiler Webinar - 1/26/2011 
This webinar focused on different types of boiler applications and alternative solutions and detailed how to operate your boiler at peak efficiency to maximize savings. 
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Tankless Water Heater Webinar
Learn the basics about high-efficiency tankless water heaters and their many benefits for residential and commercial applications and the environment. 
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Natural Gas Standby Generation Webinar
You can't control the weather but you can control how your business weathers the storm by installing reliable natural gas standby generation at your home or business. Learn how a standby generator can help you avoid lost business opportunities and inventory spoilage from electric service interruptions due to severe weather and other unplanned outages. 
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Market Drivers of Natural Gas Prices 
Learn about the market forces that determine natural gas costs and exciting new supply options that are helping keep clean-burning natural gas plentiful and affordable. 
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