​Information for suppliers in Oklahoma

Approved Transportation Services suppliers provide natural gas to large-volume end-use commercial and industrial customers within CenterPoint Energy's service area. Suppliers coordinate with CenterPoint Energy Transportation Services on the delivery of the appropriate quantity of natural gas into the CenterPoint Energy distribution system, and CenterPoint Energy transports the natural gas to the end-use customer's meter.

A participating end-use customer can either pay their bill directly to CenterPoint Energy, or their bill can be forwarded to their supplier, who will bundle the supply, upstream pipeline, and distribution charges on one bill.

Transportation Services in Oklahoma

To qualify for Transportation Services in Oklahoma, an end-use customer must consume an average of 10 Mcf per day on an annual basis. The end-use customer enters into three separate contracts for distribution service, supply, and upstream pipeline capacity for a minimum term of one year.

Oklahoma Rate Schedules:

CS-NGV (10-99 Mcf per day)
Customer Charge$96.45
Transportation Administration Fee$450.00
First 3 MMBtu$20.2527 per MMBtu
Next 7 MMBTu$1.1621 per MMBtu
Next 10 MMBtu$0.8563 per MMBtu
Next 780 MMBtu$0.4823 per MMBtu
Next 700 MMBtu$0.2447 per MMBtu
Next 1,500 MMBtu$0.1835 per MMBtu
CS-1 (10-99 Mcf per day)
Customer Charge$96.45
Transportation Administration Fee$450.00
First 3 MMBtu$23.8678 per MMBtu
Next 7 MMBtu$3.6574 per MMBtu
Next 10 MMBtu$2.6949 per MMBtu
Next 780 MMBtu$1.5178 per MMBtu
Next 700 MMBtu$0.7700 per MMBtu
Over 1,500 MMBtu$0.5775 per MMBtu
LCS-1 (Over 100 Mcf per day)
Customer Charge$685.92
Transportation Administration Fee$450.00
All Demand CD MMBtu$3.9379 per MMBtu
All Volumetric MMBtu$0.0462 per MMBtu

Getting Started in Oklahoma

A new transportation contract must be signed and submitted by the customer to CenterPoint Energy at least 30 days prior to the anticipated start date of transportation service. All renewals or changes in service must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the anticipated renewal or change date.

A new agency agreement msut be signed and submitted by the customer and supplier at least five business days prior to the anticipated start date of service by the supplier.