​Cash for customers - For replacement of natural gas models and new construction

Natural Gas Heating Systems (for new construction or replacement of natural gas heating system)

​EquipmentEnergy RatingRebateCombination Rebate 
​Forced-air furnace​​95% AFUE or greater​$600​Additional $900 (if qualifying .80 UEF or greater tankless water heater is installed in the same calendar year)
​Forced-air furnace​90% to 94.9% AFUE​$400​N/A
​Condensing combination boiler - residential only​95% AFUE or greater​$1500​N/A
​Smart thermostat installed with any qualifying heating system*ENERGY STAR® qualified​$50​N/A

 Note: For rebate to apply, the new equipment must be listed and AFUE verified on the current Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) or ENERGY STAR® website.

Please note: Replacing an electric water heater for a natural gas model is not eligible for a rebate. Rebates for condensing combination boilers and combination units are residential only.

*To qualify for a rebate, smart thermostat must meet program qualifications:

Program Qualifications


  • Installed with a new heating system that qualifies for a rebate

  • Must be ENERGY STAR® qualified

  • Currently manufactured

  • Used with natural gas furnaces for primary heat

  • One programmable thermostat per heating system installed

  • Professional installation required


Cash for dealers

Receive a $50 dealer incentive for each qualifying heating system rebate and $100 for each qualifying combination unit rebate processed listing your company as the installer ($50 for HVAC contractor; $50 for plumber). In order for CenterPoint Energy to issue ongoing incentive payments to dealers, we must have a current copy of your Form W-9 on file. 

How the program works

  1. Work with your customers to determine the best heating system for their home or business that qualifies for a rebate. Install the furnace between Jan. 1 – ​​Dec. 31 and submit the rebate application by Dec. 31.
  2. Review the Terms & Conditions,
  3. Complete an online rebate application for your customers and builders.
    Submit Online Rebate
    NOTE: Customers will receive their rebates faster if you use our online rebate processing system. If you choose to use our fill-and-print form, you can down load it here:
    Heating System Rebate Form
    If you are submitting a rebate as part of a heating/water heater combination unit, please see Water Heater Rebates-Dealers & Distributors for details.
  4. Attach an electronic copy of the dated sales invoice to the online application. The invoice must include customer name, install date, brand, complete model number, serial number and applicable efficiency rating.
  5. We'll mail a rebate check to your customer or builder within eight weeks of receiving the completed rebate application. 

Please note: This rebate offer is only available to Arkansas residential homes and businesses served with natural gas from CenterPoint Energy.  

Rebates are paid on a first-come, first-served basis. Some utility rebates are taxable under Internal Revenue Service rules. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes.

CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to limit any rebate and conduct on-site inspection of installed equipment. All decisions by CenterPoint Energy regarding energy savings, cost savings, rebate amounts and approvals are final. CenterPoint Energy cannot guarantee energy savings and does not warrant rebated equipment.

Rebate program funds are budgeted on an annual basis. Rebate amounts and availability are subject to approval by the Arkansas Public Service Commission.